I suppose I should apologize

for having the gall to question the motives of one of the paid writers on the board, but I find the hatchet job that Nate Olson did on Darryl Macon to be offensive as well as downright disgusting!

Consider this one paragraph, as an example: “For Macon or any of the others to declare with the intent of only playing overseas would be selfish and unwise. The prospects of some modest amount of cash wouldn’t compare to what Arkansas could achieve next year.” We don’t know (certainly not from the hit piece) what the real reason for Macon’s decision will be, either way he goes. But it seems pretty clear what the hack writer’s reason is, and that reason is selfishness personified.

I think you are right. Writer was out of line with that article. And it should be taken down.

it would at least be appropriate to balance the histrionics with some factual and balanced information about exactly what kind of money these kids are tempted with in terms of overseas contracts and plain old agents’ signing bonus cash. these kids like Daryl will absolutely be faced with all sort of pressures and temptations that they will have to turn down to come back for another college season. it would be nice to give an accurate report on exactly what kind of decisions they are undoubtedly faced with before the editorial opinions fly with words like “selfish,” “unwise,” or “modest” cash sums. I completely understand why Daryl wasn’t ready to think or talk about all the financial pressures and insulting local sports beat media that he will have to face this off season. give the kids some credit for what they really deal with and let the fans make their own opinions about their decisions based on the facts. some writers got it all backwards… telling the readers what opinions to make and leaving the fact finding up to the reader… smdh

agree with posters in this thread

I haven’t seen Olsen’s column and probably won’t. Too much political snark in his columns . I’ve quit reading him.

Well, I am learning that Wally the Shrimp is not the only virtual in-grown toenail that one endures (or ignores) in trying to enjoy coverage of the Hogs.

As posters, we would, and should, be admonished if we bashed players like that. Yet this character managed to bash not only DM and MQ, but did a sideswipe on Bobby Portis as well.

OOOPS my bad. I keep getting my dadgum Nates mixed up. Nate Allen is the political snarky, not Nate Olsen. My apologies to the Olsen family. As for the focus on Daryl, I wish everyone would just leave him alone. Let him hash this decision out with his family and coaches. Selfishly I hope he does come back. Gotta respect his decision either way.