I still wish someone would ask Muss

Why we continue to try to play man to man on in bound plays under our opponents’ basket.

We’ve probably given up 10-12 lay ups in that scenario this year.

I was glad to hear Dykes comment on it last night.

My untrained eye has been telling me for a while that Arkansas’ guards have struggled fighting through screens both on and off the ball. Tennessee’s picks were solid and forceful. That definitely contributes to the issues defending BLOB plays.

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Happy someone raised this issue. Watching opponents in-bound the ball under their own basket has been maddening. We are giving up way too many bunnies. But, taking Scottie’s point, our guards continue to have real difficulty keeping their man in front of them which has led to a parade of penetration resulting in layups or easy passes to big men down low. Both Bama and the Vols really took it to us in that regard.

Never thought I would say this, but maybe we should consider playing more zone defense. Among other things, that might allow Pinion to see the floor other than at desperation time. We certainly need more shooters on the floor. Especially now that we can’t seem to make free throws at critical times. Watching Council and Black miss 4 in a row with the game still within reach last night was…difficult.