I still want to know

was KJ hurt? OR is he hurt?

Several runs were very timid last night.

Also his throws were not very accurate? Anybody notice this?


You know, I saw that and wondered as well. I also wonder how bad Rocket’s issue is. He to, seemed timid at times

It was almost like a slide–like I’m down. Not more extra yards!

To me, other than the deep ball, where he can just air it out and the WR runs under it, he hasn’t ever been super accurate (the way people are thinking of, such as hitting his receiver in the hands on a slant, instead of between the numbers causing the WR to adjust and killing his step on the DB).

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Yeah, I wonder if he was told to slide. I know there were two plays in the game yesterday where I believe he should have slid, (it was after one of those, he seemed to ease up on trying to run over the guy in front of him), and I think the aTm guys would have still hit him after he slid. Two penalties that would have gave us a couple first downs, or added yardage onto the end of the run.

That’s what I know as a pass receiver (only high school. But I did have an offer to Arkansas Tech.)

That’s what I said in another thread, our coach said if you touch it you better catch it. Sometimes accuracy (I played WR and CB, wasn’t great but understood what the coaches wanted) is the receivers making plays on bad passes. If you catch these passes that are a little off target, it builds a confidence in your QB that you’re gonna catch it, and with that confidence the accuracy starts to improve. When the accuracy improves the passing game improves. Once that improves the running game improves (and we already have a very good running game).

I don’t think he was hurt he was just trying to be very self-conscious of not getting the ball ripped out and fumbling. I did see some runs when he barreled over people but when he got in open field I could see immediately he was very much afraid of people coming in and trying to strip him of the ball

He’s probably doing what the coaches tell him to do and that is to be smart and not get hurt. Can you imagine us without him?

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