I still think we made the right hire............................

…even after one of the other coaching candidate’s CUSA team thumped us embarrassingly last Saturday and even if we had scheduled Memphis (where Elmo’s cousin coaches and he will be forever bitter about us not hiring him) and they had thumped us. No one in their right mind expected CCM to come in and immediately fix things. We hoped to win our non-conference schedule and upset somebody in the SEC but it is obvious this team is lots more lacking “in talent for the pro offense or any other scheme we might want to change to” than we realized. I think this team on defense is a little better this year, but nowhere near good enough to overcome six turnovers plus a special teams fiasco. The turnovers and the gift TD on special teams WAS the difference in the game, NOT the defense.

So, let’s all be patient and give CCM a chance to upgrade our talent over a few classes and THEN you might can question the hire, but not UNTIL then. JMVVVVVHO.


Wholly crap! We hired a 7-5 coach (still stunned by that), who promised the greatest DC hire in the country and got blown out by NORTH TEXAS. When does this fan base pull it’s head out of it’s rear end and start demanding a real coach. this is EIGHT YEARS of failure. This program may never recover. Look at the basketball team if you don’t believe me.

This has been discussed to death about what you just posted. Please read those threads.

OK…and your solution is what? Pay HIM off and hire your favorite coach? Or do you just want to vent and making sense when you do that is optional to you?

I hope you are right, Hogmodo…but I don’t feel nearly as good about this hire as I did before the season began. I know we are overmatched on the field, but we have looked overmatched on the sidelines, too. The recruiting appears to be going well. I hope things improve as the season goes along… not necessarily in wins, but in improved play and organization. The fans, including me, are out of patience. It is not Coach Morris’s fault, but that is the way it is. He stepped into this job 6 years late. If he can get this thing turned around…he will have done an incredible job.

I never wanted Norvell. Ever. And I also didn’t want a coach hired from SMU with a LOSING record.

And you, along with all the guys that couldn’t wait for CBB to be fired, and get something so different just because you wanted a change. Well, you got that change, and it’s already not working out, and will be proven that we hired the WRONG coach.

I just don’t get why you guys think this was ever gonna work. He can’t even get his team prepared to play CUSA and SUN BELT teams. What do you think is gonna happen Saturday.

Do you really want 3-5 years of losing just to see what “his players” are gonna do? Really?

If we would have hired a real coach, not a high school coach, we’d be 3-0 right now and at least not looking like the worst P5 school in America.

The BOT, Jerry, JCP, Hunter Yuracek, and the rest of them got themselves in this mess. Now they will have to end up paying him off and getting us out of it. This fanbase will not put up with embarrassment and losing anymore. We’ve had enough.

The best thing they could do after this season, is negotiate a resignation, and buy him out. We have the money. If they can afford to pay CSU and UNT to beat our brains out, we can just pay this fraud of a coach off and get him outta here after this season before it gets worse.

All you do is complain about the hire but I’ve never seen you suggest who should’ve been hired or who you want to be hired next since you are so sure he will be fired.

Let’s hear who your expert opinion would’ve preferred.

And then let’s see how realistic it is.

Yes, really. Yes, 3-5 years to see what his players will do. Quit panicking because he has more 4-stars committed than any Hog coach in the last twenty years. Your foaming at the mouth because you got fuel to attack with is pathetic. Enjoy your opportunity to complain unitl he does right this ship and then you will go away forever once you have nothing to attack Morris with. You are a one trick pony who has never done anything on this board but attack Morris. You are a Morris hating Troll with nothing but trash to regurgitate over and over on this board. JMVVVVVVHO.

I Like CCM b/c of all the connections to TX and he already has better DL recruits than I can remember(now if we can get them to sign) he has to change a losing culture and that will help when he brings in new blood and different attitudes.
This bunch is use to losing and beleive it or not will find a way to LOSE the game b/c thats all they know,game is on the line they have 0 confidence in making a WINNING play b/c they have never done it.I have been there and done with my own teams but as bad as it is you let us go out there and pull out a miracle at Auburn and this team will be a totally differnt team but until something very positive like that happens he could very lose this team and it could get even worse than now.

I think we can do a better job on offense to give our QB some confidence but we are not going to be a good running team we are just too weak and inexperinced and that’s a deadly combination so we are going to have to find away to move the chains to be successful IMO

I’m just curious to where you are getting the highlighted info. Which site? I ask because according to 247, we have 4 - 4* committed. In 2016, we had one 5* and 4 - 4*. In 2015, we had seven 4*. Again though, this is per 247. Does another site have a different number of stars? Just curious

My goodness. You don’t like Morris and that’s fine, but you are again making a lot of assertions about the future, which you have no reasons to make those claims. What coach worth anything is going to come to this school if he feels we’ll fire him after a few games or one season? You seem to have all the answers. What coach?

You’re a deluded, and completely brainwashed person if you will accept 3-5 years of losing.

Stop dreaming. And stop worrying about me.

And I have said plainly in previous posts that Kiffin, Fitzgerald, Gundy, Shaw, Mullen, Kyle Whittingham, and countless coordinators that would be much more qualified than the guy we got.

Kiffin is the first name? Oh good lord

Gundy isn’t interested in taking a step down to Arkansas, I’m sorry, but right now that’s true, thanks to Bret.

Shaw would never leave, that’s a pipe dream.

Mullen wouldn’t have made a lateral move to Arkansas and a drop down in talent, sorry also true right now thanks to Bret.

Whittingham is a west coast guy, why in the world would he leave Utah for here?

As I figured you have nothing but complaints, no real legitimate offers as to who would’ve been a realistic hire.

There IS another plausible spin on the information above, elmo. It’s that NO ONE can win with the group recruited and brought here primarily (except for the true freshmen playing a little) by Bielema.

Now, I don’'t hate CBB. In fact, I wish it HAD worked out for him here, because I greatly enjoy that style of football over this short-pass, hurry up stuff that everyone seems to be running these days. But just because I wanted it to work, I can’t just ignore that Bret and his staff severely failed to recruit enough talent to make it work. Most puzzling of all, in the O line . . . where I thought he’d be able to recruit well, if ANYWHERE. But he didn’t. Whether that’s because he under-estimated what it would take to do that in the SEC, or he put recruiting resources in the wrong states, or he was lazy, or he was unlucky . . . that, I do not know. But I DO know that it didn’t work.

So now, CCM has inherited that pool of talent. And if it wasn’t working in Bret’s scheme (and it clearly wasn’t), it’s NO surprise at all to me that it wouldn’t do any better in Chad’s scheme, which is radically different from Bret’s. Reminds me of when Nolan first took over from Eddie 30 years ago. First two seasons were painful, but then, Nolan got things re-tooled and we started to improve dramatically.

For me, the jury is out on CCM as it is for ANY new coach. I HATE to lose, but I’m pragmatic. I knew going in that we wouldn’t win 6 games unless everything feel perfectly, so I’ve always thought this season was about finding out who will buy in, who CAN play, and starting the building process. Time will tell if Elmo is right, or we never see him again (when CCM starts to win). I’m still on-board with Chad because he needs to have the chance, as does any coach, to have a couple of full years to recruit HIS players in and show that his system can/will work. We haven’t come close to that time frame yet. So, I’ll suffer this season along with the rest of you, but hope to see some nuggets of hope as we start the process of turning this thing around.

Well said by Hogmodo and Wiz. Thanks guys for contributing rather than whining and being non-supportive. These coaches and players need the fans behind them rather than against them right now. I try not to be critical of other posters, but this fire the coach stuff is about as stupid as I’ve ever seen.

I don’t worry about you, but when you make statements you can’t back up, I’ll say something. Kiffin was never coming here, one of the writers already told you that we might have had a shot 5-8 years ago, but not now. Mullen was going to Florida no matter what. That was also told to you. Fitzgerald, Gundy, Shaw, and Whittingham are speculation at best, yet you seem to think we had our pick of the litter. How can you even prove we had a shot at these guys? Again, you have your list you wanted, but I don’t see how on God’s green earth you can remotely suggest these guys were just lining up at the door.

I’m not accepting any losing, but I’m also a realist and know this isn’t going to be a quick fix. I’m willing to give him time. You’ve been against it from the beginning but the start of his first season isn’t indicative that your opinion is right, so stop acting like it is.

I want to see how the staff recruits in year two and three. The start in this first year is encouraging (if we Can keep them) and I like the message he is telling them about this year’s struggles. He will need three classes to rebalance this roster with depth and quality. We need everything and not enough scholarships to go around in two classes.

We need some leaders and players with an attitude to win. Ten players like Sosa or Dre would make big difference on this team even.

What we need to do is support the coach and give him a fair chance.

What we don’t need is people declaring emphatically “ he’s the guy!” or “ he’s not the answer and we need to move on!”
We don’t need people to start dividing in to camps with strong, resolute positions based on such a small body of work. We’ve had too much of that in the past.

Let things play out for a couple of years because truth is nobody knows one way or another.

Time will tell.