I still don't do moral victories, bu....

This team is playing with true grit! Good and bad, they don’t quit and were there to make a game of it.

We all know and can see the deficiencies, but our defense is stout and offense is slowly but surely finding their rythmn.

I’m proud of this team fighting their guts out. We’ll pull off at least one upset this year.

Sounds like a moral victory speech to me, all I can say is we’ve come along way since we got to playing conference games. WPS

Nope. We lost and I’m not blaming anybody or saying we were that great just unlucky. We blew multiple opportunities, but I can still see the progress and fight and that, I’m proud of.

Just ribbing you a little General, we showed some heart today, I now believe we will win again this season. WPS

I know. Have a good one.

Not a moral victory

But i see a team that’s gaining confidence and chemistry

They are growing - improving

Proud of “The Grit”. - looking like a football team again

I feel relief Coach Morris and the team are growing in the right direction

I know it’s been fashionable for quite a while now to avoid using the term moral vicories & even to say there’s no such thing. However, I’ll call this a moral victory. Yes, I know a moral victory is still a loss, but this team was a 20-something underdog for a reason. Two weeks ago I not only thought we might not win another game, I wasn’t sure we could play within 3 TD’s of anyone left on our scheudle except Tulsa. I feel pretty good about the team after today’s game. We lost by only a TD and were moving the ball with under 2:00 to go. I’ll call it a moral victory.

By the way, had we managed to score on that final drive, I think I’d have gone for 2 points. I’d rather take my chances on one play from the 3 than to have tried to win in OT against a team that was obviously better than we are. (If I said the same thing in another thread, forgive me. I’m getting old & can’t remember if I said it or not.)

I’m ready for a lack of morality victory… where is the bagman when you need him?

Moral victory? No. Improvement? Yes.

Last time we gave up TD KOR on the first play of the game we won (at Tennessee in 2015 I think). Couldn’t overcome that deficit this time, although those hands to the face calls were backbreakers.

Yes, and iffy at best, particularly on the 2nd one.

Moral victory’s, me neither.
Having said that I didn’t have unrealistic expectations for this season and after the early non- conference loses like most felt that we would possibly go 0-8 in the SEC.
With the growth and development, fight and heart this team showed in the past two loses I now feel that once we get past next weeks loss to Alabama ( best team in the country by a mile) I believe if they continue to play hard and develop they could have a chance to compete and possibly win a few games in the final six which should help with recruiting.

Go Hogs!

Allowing a 100 yd kick off return and watching punts and kick offs land on the 5 yd. line…

yup True Grit

I can’t tell if you’re being funny or serious, but if you’re serious then you have no idea what “grit” means

A&M has better personnel at about 22 of 22 spots, also better punter and kicker. And our players fought their tails off and had the ball with 2 min left and a chance to tie it.

Why don’t you find scoota and Dre, who combined for 29 tackles, and tell them what you think of their performance.

Man, some of you guys are so hard on these kids. It’s not their fault that they are learning a new system ad most of our roster doesn’t have the God-given ability to be SEC players, but they were offered scholly’s and are now doing their best. our center was BLOWN UP yesterday, but you can’t be mad at him, he’s fighting his tail off.

Get mad at coaches if you want, but I didn’t see a single player dogging it yesterday. Last season, saw a lot. But you have to give these kids credit for playing HARD yesterday. And the prior week.


I have never been a fan of the 3 - 4 defense. After seeing what Chavis has done with these guys, it makes me wonder what the he!! the coaches last year were thinking. Also, good to see C J O Grady in the game. It makes a difference when the tight end doesn’t jump off sides and can actually catch the ball and run with it.