I still believe but

I still believe that Chad Morris can right the ship. One recruiting class will not save this program. He still needs to stack at the minimum two more good classes to get his head above water. The reality is that he was hired to a team that had very little talent and absolutely no depth. This staff can no doubt recruit. but the question is can they coach. Now, I’m not sold on Craddock at all and I believe if Chad wants to be more of a GM type coach he needs to go get seasoned playcaller that really understands offense. Craddock’s playcalling has absolutely no rhythm and he’s all over the place. Once again I believe Chad Morris is the right guy, but he needs to get the right people on the bus in the correct seats and that’s both coaches and players.

I think Chad can be the right hire if he gets enough time and support. If a portion of the fan base starts going after him in the second year of his contract and after only one full recruiting class, it can severely hurt that process. His is the best recruiting staff we have seen on the hill in decades. That gets him a A+ in the most important category. If his time management or playcalling is struggling with this team, I can live with that as long as it gets better over time. That is far less important than recruiting.