I spent much of this afternoon on YouTube

And found myself watching videos of the events of May 13, 2012. Manchester City, the ugly stepsister of English soccer while crosstown Manchester United was so often the belle of the ball, found itself on the edge of winning the Premier League title that Sunday with one game to go. Then they weren’t – trailing bottomfeeder Queens Park 2-1 at the end of 90 minutes in a match they had to win, since ManU had won 1-0 at Sunderland and already had one hand on the EPL trophy. The phrase “typical City” appeared more than once in those videos – typically stealing failure from the jaws of victory. Like typical Arkansas is blocking the punt in the Sugar Bowl then Ryan Mallett throwing the pick instead of beating the Suckeyes.

But soccer has injury time, and in five minutes of extra time, Man City scored twice and stole the title back.

What I found myself focusing on was the faces of the City fans at that match, who were well aware of what had happened at Sunderland. Man City had a long history of failure, of disappointing its fans. Kind of like what we’re accustomed to at Arkansas. And I recognized the anguish on the faces of their fans. Until that winning goal hit the net at the 93:20 mark.

As I type this, we just scored our first run against the Chickens. But City scored first that day too and still almost screwed it up. I’m like those City fans – anticipating the inevitable failure. Which has always happened except for April 4, 1994, and January 1, 1965.

Now Bonfield just singled, and it’s 2-0. Shaddy hit one into the Hog Pen. Five-nil, in soccer terms. But it still ain’t over.