I sorta kinda like our chances tonight

Just not quite as much as I liked our chances last night. I give us a 58% probability of winning a lower scoring game tonight.

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I’ve got us at 62.4%. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Vandy not enough to win
Hogs score more than Vandy.
Vandy 1
Hogs 5.


Win tonight and we win the west and clinch a tie for the overall. UF would have to sweep UK to catch us. LSU couldn’t catch us even with a sweep of UGA. I’d like to win it outright


I would also like the hogs to hold the title alone.
Win tonight and tomorrow and don’t worry about anything else.


I guess Matt or someone needs to call Walker to see if it is alright to win tonight and tomorrow for sweep. We wouldn’t want him further embarrassed. I say a 6-3 win tonight with Vandy reducing their Hit Batters, Wild Pitches and Errors to single digits.

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We’re not getting any help from UGA and UK so far. LSU is up 7-2 on UGA. UK and UF are tied. Of course if we win tonight, it doesn’t mattter what LSU does.