I sincerely hope a monumental win occurs this weekend................

…the reconfigured offensive line comes together, Enos does a genius job putting together an offensive game plan totally suited to Kelley’s talents, our JC and other new receivers “arrive” as SEC caliber players, our defense plays hard for the whole game, we get some breaks, and the Hogs upset Auburn. We then win enough the rest of the year to go bowling, win the bowl game, and this is the bottom of a long and successful CBB era at Arkansas. This next recruiting class was shaping up VERY well and the last one appears to be stronger than we realized. If CBB can make it to the recruiting season and close out this class on a strong note, the program may be fine.

I like CBB as a man and as a good guy but that is what it will take for him to survive on The Hill. If we flounder this weekend and finish weak, he needs to be gone. JMVVVVVHO.

I am with you. Bret needs to go to a bowl. Probably needs to win the bowl.

Do we have to beat Auburn this weekend though? Granted…now that LSU beat Auburn it seems more likely we beat Auburn at home than LSU on the road. But, simply doing the math, if we simply split with Auburn and LSU, and win the rest, that is 7-5. Even if we lose to both we can still go 6-6. Disappointing…but having lost Cornelius, Pulley, Rawleigh III and now Austin…and with our horrible start…6-6 to me would justify Bret staying.

So long as a couple of position coaches are replaced.

I do think Bret needs to get to 6 wins.

I really really want Bret to succeed. Stories of him visiting cancer patients, or stopping to talk to kids, or just being a wonderful person are all over the state. Yes, you need to win too. But I disagree with Vince Lombardi. Winning isn’t the only thing. Making a difference in lives is actually more important. So long as you win enough to be allowed to do that.

I don’t disagree with you. He just has to finish strong, go to a bowl, and win it. Most of the injuries are occurring AFTER the weak start, so they are not the excuse they would be if we had started strong.

Me too. So hopeful for a win for coaches and team.

This will be the weekend, to get it turned around if its going to happen…

I disagree. Of those four major injuries, Rawleigh was in the spring, Pulley was in the opener with Florida A&M and Cornelius was in the Texas A&M game while we were still ahead (I believe). Austin, yes, I’d agree about that. Whether it’s right to use them as an excuse, that’s up to the debater. As for RW III, it certainly doesn’t appear that his absence has been as big as perceived because (a) run blocking has been weak and (b) we have capable RBs, though none of them can claim to be a former (or current) SEC-leading rusher.

A win this weekend would indeed be monumental. I would love nothing more but I think we will be lucky to keep the score winin 20.

Has anyone who watched this team really expect the Hogs to go to a bowl game? Coastal Carolina looks like the only win.

The o-line is the worst one I have seen in 50 years. The starting QB has a bad throwing shoulder and is so shell shocked that he is no longer a top tier QB. CK is a redshirt freshman. Nuff said.Their recievers and running backs are ok. TE’s never get more than 10 touches a game.

Defense is still bad. Bend not break means that the opponent will not feel pressure to move the ball. Guess what? All the power 5 schools have scored at least 28 points (39+ points per game average).

Special teams are poor. Kickoff returned by Aggies. Missed field goals TCU. Extra point Tide. Razorback punt teturn team bound to be the worst in Power 5. Kickoff team not much better. Botched punt team snap againsted Alabama.

Coaching. Never won a game when trailing at half. Squanderd huge half time leads. Instead of finishing well, team plays worse in the 4th quarter. Body by Herb looks fat,slow and weak.

Can anyone tell me how a team with that resume can win any more SEC games?

Got to make big changes. NOW !!!

Glad I’m not the only one who sees this.

There is a real problem with reality right now.

We are not good, at all. The coaching is as bad as I’ve seen in a very long time. The programs best interest would be to start looking for another coach.

Some more eyes will open after Gus whips us this weekend.

Every. Weekend half the coaches get beat!
Sometimes it’s about how a team plays. Our hogs have not played well since the first seconds clicked off the clock in the second half of the Belk Bowl.
It’s an attitude this team plays with. The first sign of fight came after they were down 17 to Bama last weekend.
I want to see fight in the hogs! If the defense continues to play passive and rush 3 we may not win but one more game.
When the staff figured out to play uptempo on offense that was a suprise. Let’s see if they have the heart to bring some pressure! The hogs have never had a bunch of 5 star players and we had winning teams. I want to see them compete. If they play with fire and fight and get beat it’s easier to take. If they play like the Aouth Carolina game going forward it’s a no brained the entire staff needs to find another job!
The ball is in thier court they need to do the job they are getting paid to accomplish.
It’s not just about winning it’s how you play!

Also I like Coach B but that alone with all of the stuff he does off the field does not excuse him from having a team play hard and fight! I hope the hogs win out but it’s unlikely. 5-7 is my guess and that’s based on how hard headed this staff is!

I’m sure our coaches are studying the film of the second half of the LSU/Auburn game last weekend to see how the tigers of LSU put the sleeper hold on Auburn. We should be starting the same O-line this week as last and Kelley has a start under his belt and hopefully our receivers have adjusted to the velocity of Kelley’s passes. Home game couldn’t have come at a better time for this team, hope it’s enough for a victory! WPS