I see this BS, I hear that BS

Some are saying the SEC is the weakest it has been in years. OK, experts, how much weaker? No? I say BS, as in bull spit. The only things you can say are that Bama is better than ever and that the rest of the teams are knocking the slobber out of each other. Get used to it, it’s gonna continue on that tract.

“To be honest with you, there was always a next step before I came here,” Saban said. "It wasn’t just to be a college head coach because I’d spent time in the NFL as a coordinator. So when I went back to college to be a head coach, within a year or two, I started getting head-coaching offers in the NFL. I really wanted to stay in college. But in the back of my mind, I always thought that I’d go back to the NFL and try to be a head coach. So, again, there was always a next step, but it had to be the right thing.

The SEC has a losing record this year against other power 5 schools

The SEC does not seem as strong this year. Alabama is good, maybe better. But there doesn’t seem to be anyone really in that category as really good. I doubt the league stays down because the talent pool in this part of the country is usually good. I saw lots of great defensive talent every week in the SEC this season. But I didn’t see overall strength on any roster, not top to bottom. And, there were several teams that had critical injuries that they could not handle.

It’s interesting to hear some of the national guys talk about the spread teams producing more plays and that wearing down players and providing more chances for injuries. Gary Danielson brought that up. The SEC was not a spread conference a few years back, but is now.

I don’t know how all of that plays together to weaken the conference, but I’m hearing that some.

I do believe the conference is down, but I’m not ready to say the Big Ten is top to bottom better. They are more top heavy than the SEC, but let the bowl games play out and we’ll truly see then.

You can’t tell me LSU is the same team that played Wisconsin early in the season.

The other teams are beating up on each other because there is not another elite team in the conference behind Alabama. The SEC is 6-8 this year against other Power 5 conferences, in addition to losses against Southern Miss, Middle Tennessee, South Alabama and BYU.

As for the bowl games, those aren’t necessarily a great indication of how good a conference is, in my opinion. The time off, the draft distractions, etc., can really alter how a team looks from late November to late December or early January.

The same could be said of Wisconsin.

You can’t tell me there wasn’t drastic improvement when Les was fired. Different team.

I would take LSU in a rematch.

Wisconsin is a remarkably consistent, highly competent football team.

LSU is wildly up and down.

I would go with Wisconsin any day, anywhere, over LSU.

Well we won on the road against another Power 5 school.


Well we won on the road against another Power 5 school.
[/quote]Indeed and I’m glad we did.

I don’t believe our one game performance is reflective of the conference as a whole, which is what the original poster was referencing.


No, but we have to take our victories where we can get em this year :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I should have said “at least” we won on the road against another Power 5 school.