I say let CBB coach....

The last game. Several have said we should fire him today. Nothing gained by that and he should be able to coach-thank his seniors. He’s a guy with class and cares for his guys. This gig just didn’t work out for him.

It looks more and more like Gus. Everything I’m hearing is that it’s all but a done deal. We willl see. Never been on the Gus bus but if hired I’ll still root for the Hogs and Gus.

Crazy times are nothing new to Arkansas Razorback fans.


I didn’t want to get on the Nutt bus or the Bielema bus, but I got on it. I will gladly get on the Gus or Norvell bus. Those guys know how to move the football. Gus has a fine defensive coordinator. If Gus comes. I hope he brings Kevin Steele.

These times are brutal for Hog fans ,but much better days are ahead.

Sure - let him coach it. I expect Mizzou to throttle the Hogs in front of 35,000.

Let him own that for three long hours.

I’ve said for weeks that there is nothing to be gained by firing him before the Missouri game. That remains true.

Don’t see any benefit to firing him before the Missouri game.

What you said! Frankly I do not think the next coach matters if he is not able to compete in the recruiting world. No coach could take our guys and beat their guys in SEC West. X and O and schemes don’t matter if your guys can’t stack up. Bye the way, I have no clue who should be next in line plus I don’t even know who will hire the next coach. And I thought Tennessee was screwed up!

Then do like Florida did with Muschamp.

You’re last game is Friday — let’s tell everyone – and go all out and win your last game.

Time got get it done.

Agreed, let him coach against Mizzou. Not really anything to be gained by firing him a week earlier. If the team had not played hard today I might feel differently but I felt the effort was there today under very difficult circumstances.

I think the only thing to gain would be in attendance.

For whatever reason I think fans would be more likely to show up and cheer for someone not named Bret.

Is it true? I don’t know.

I do think we will find out, one way or another this week vs Mizzou. I don’t think Bret is going to be on the sidelines.

Regardless of what one may think of Bielema’s record, he has tried to do things the right way. There’s nothing wrong with the man’s character.

Let him coach the last game and then make the decision when the time is right.

Like Long Bielema did his best. I really believe that. No true fan should do anything but wish them the best

Key word “True”

Most on here just want a train wreck to complain about.

You let him coach his seniors.

We all know the last game doesn’t mean much, but the team is playing hard for him. An announcement of any kind should wait until after Friday’s game. I don’t know that the team will play as hard if the big guy isn’t on the sideline.
If you get rid of Bret, who do you make interim? Enos? Everybody’s upset with his call on the fourth down play. Rhoades? His defense played well (for the most part) Saturday but that’s not been the case most of the year. There’s nothing to be gained by releasing Bret before the final game.

Nothing to be gained by firing CBB before the last game. Let him at least be able to coach & thank his seniors & rest of the team.
It won’t effect next season if he is on the sidelines or not against Mizzu & that’s basically all we have to look forward to any way you spin it.