I saw Two Really, Good fun Football Games Saturday

Well, I guess if by good it means close, then that was not the case. My 9 yr old Grandson’s team had 2 games Sat. It was part of the playoff for their league. It was great fun watching the boys play, and it was obvious that they had been well coached (If a 9 yr. old playing defensive end knows to turn the play to the inside, why can’t college players know that? I digress).

His team went 13 - 0 this fall. I told him how special that was and to not expect it every year, but to strive for it. Mainly, I said to play hard, clean, respect the other team and enjoy the moment.

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Only football I’ve been enthused about this year has been my grandson’s 7th grade team and the high school team. Went to two Razorback games this year, luckily the two they won, still watch and support but its tough.

Nothing like watching the grands play ball or cheer. They love having me and Suzi attend their games. Even our 13 year old granddaughter loves us to come watch her cheer. 3 of the grandsons are involved in sports and we make a lot of the games. One grandson’s stated goal in life is to become an Arkansas Razorback. What’s funny all of the grands were born in TN and have only been to Arkansas once but they love the Razorbacks. Got to take all of them to see the Hogs play basketball last Thanksgiving week. What a time!

I have taken this one to see a couple of baseball games. He sent word via Clay (his buddy he says) to tell coach DVH that he is committed. He told me last fall that he would still like to play for DVH, but it looked to him like the football needed more help. I told him that all of that will work out in time, but I really appreciated the seriousness that he takes giving his word.

He played a mean Dend Saturday, especially in the second game and affected the other teams whole offense, but is probably a long way from being SEC ready. Of course, we can say that about most of the football team right now.

It was a fun night, and only one mention of the Razorbacks that brought a laugh (tells you all you need to know about that - they are playing number 1 and of the 3-400 or so watching the games in Russellville, no one seems to care or notice. Sad, sad. When the real Razorbacks use to play (its been years now), everybody would have had radios tuned to the game while watching the little boys play.