I saw somewhere that we're playing this game

With 48 scholarship players due to opt-outs, injuries and the portal.

For that reason, I’m not gonna get bent out of shape about it. If we win anyway, great. If not, see above. I think we can run the ball on the Prairie Chickens, much like we did on Penn State last year, and that gives us a fighting chance even shorthanded.


I’d love to see Hudson Henry to have good game. And I agree on the outcome. I’ll not get angry over a loss. I’m looking forward to see if the young pups bite.


Time for some younger players down on the depth chart to step up and show what they can do.

Some quick hitters across the middle to the TE might just catch them sleeping! Something we haven’t done this year! It would likely also help with the recruitment of Jake Roberts…

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Not high expectations or much interest in this game but hopeful for a win & not a blowout loss due to our depleted roster. Will watch to view some of our younger talent.

Wow seems like there’s been a lot of people left that we haven’t heard about.

Get the ball to Sategna. :sunglasses:


I agree …I want to see what he can do with it

This game is wholly unnecessary.

I’ll be glad when it’s over, so the coaches can get back to recruiting and Sam finalizing his staff.

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Disagree. Any opportunity the Razorbacks have to play football, and for me to watch it, is awesome. We need to win more and make more of a commitment to winning football, but a game is a game. Great to watch and I’m glad we are playing the Jayhawks.


I get it we lost to Missouri, ending the season on less than a positive note and while any alleged locker room drama should still not produce a loss to that twit of a coach and Missouri, it is very disappointing to see so much apathy about the game. Hopefully the apathy is limited to the game, regardless it is not a good look, in my opinion.

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I’m with you on that.

It was a disappointing season. This is an opportunity to end it in a high note.


We are coming into this game grossly short on talent & without key players, especially on defense. Disappointing that so many good player bailed on this team at the end of season while very few opted out at KS. Would like to see a win & end of the season on a high note, but the cards may be overwhelming stacked against us which if a blowout loss will not help our recruiting efforts.

KJ might very well do that but I won’t be shocked if Jaedon Wilson and some of the other WRs get the touches just because KJ has thrown to them throughout the season in practice. Trust is so important for a QB.

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Not gonna’ lie—I’ll be upset with a loss. If we are truly not upset about losing, I don’t see the point of playing at all. Yes, it is exciting to see players we have not seen much of to this point, but they have been presumably practicing with the team all year, and so I expect them to play well—not perfect by any means but well.


A handful of freshman should see the field a lot who haven’t seen it much at all. That will be great for their progress, and should help finish circling the wagons on the team that will be with us going forward.

Of the limited numbers, remember there are more than 2 complete OLs on scholarship and they are not necessarily all going to play. So, some positions will empty the scholarship list.

I kind of look at this game like a mid-week baseball game that gives coaches a look at back-up position players and pitchers down in the bullpen, and several starters get a chance to rest. You want to win and hate to lose, but understand that it isn’t being played like most of the other games.


Admittedly I’m not feeling confident about this game. Our offense should fare well, but our patchwork D is probably in for a long day. I want to feel good after the game, not indifferent. We need this W for lots of reasons.

Do we know if that’s actually true? Or just some internet fodder?

We reported that Arkansas had approximately 51 scholarship players in Memphis.