I saw on Facebook tonight that Fitz Hill

Was making the rounds of Little Rock middle schools today, trying to get kids to come out for football. We’ve discussed the problems with football in LRSD. Is Fitz’s work going to make a difference in five or six years? I doubt it, but I applaud the effort.

Sunday’s column will be all about this.

His main focus is to give kids a chance be mentored and play football. If 45 kids play at the 8 middle schools that’s 360 kids they can reach and hopefully teach life lessons to so the streets don’t get them. A by-product is the possibility of increasing the numbers in junior high and high school. You do that and you also have more kids that could possibly get scholarships from Arkansas, ASU and other schools in the state.

One thing about it: It’ll never work if you never try. Give the man an A for the effort (I know the saying is E for effort, but he deserves an A). Hope against the long odds he makes a difference.

If anyone can pull this off and get it going, it’s Fitz Hill. I love that he’s working on this project.

I think a lot of Fitz. One thing I will never forget is running into Jim Washburn after he was let go in the switch from Danny Ford to Houston Nutt. He said he’d just met with the committee that hired Houston. They wanted some thoughts on the Ford staff. They asked – and Frank Broyles was there – who were the best coaches on the Ford staff. He said there were several good ones, but the two that he singled out were Fitz Hill and Louis Campbell. He said keep those two if at all possible. He thought Fitz was the best recruiter on the staff and Louis was the best coach.

That is the type of effort from adults which can help make a difference for young people. We, and me, need to get involved in helping these kids who need our help. That is the only way we are going to improve the dire situation many kids are in today. Broken homes and families not going to church have really hurt this country and its people. The old-fashioned values are needed today more than ever.

Great job by Fitz and Marcus and anyone else who is trying to help the kids. Thank you.

I would like to see Fritz Hill become our AD when the time comes to replace Jeff Long. Fritz has outstanding admin/sports knowledge and most important he is very smart and has outstanding people skills. He would talk to those who donate $25 just the same as those who donate $25K.

Well they are doing something to make a positive impact on young males. I salute them for that. I hope there is a similar effort to get more girls involved in positive, life changing activities.

Fitz is a great Citizen of Arkansas and applaud his efforts to lift up the youth of Little Rock.

I think it would be in Arkansas interest to put coaches or university resources into hyping up football in the LRPS in an effort to getting kids to come out to play. Perhaps Uof A joining the booster programs and funding some of the programs for capital improvements or coaching salaries, equipment, etc. got to make football attractive again somehow. Probably a gray line here somewhere, but when LR is not producing football players it makes an already difficult recruiting issue worse.