I said I wouldn't, but.....

I find myself buying in. I’m starting to believe in a massive turn around season. Something like from 67 to 68 or 76 to 77. Then reality hits. We could be just as improved as the 68 and 77 teams were over their predecessors and only have a 2 or 3 win jump over last year. Such is life in the toughest conference the college football world has ever seen.

IMO, it is difficult to compare this past year with any other year in our history. It was the single worst season in our 100+ years as a football program! The team last year had to get help from our coaching staff to lose 2 or 3 of those 10 losses. With decent coaching, I believe that team last year was at least a 4 win team. Had they won those 4 or 5 games, then we would be looking at 6 wins as a very good turnaround. Not as a miracle season.

Don’t disagree…but some players didn’t fully buy in, hence the record. Is that on the coaches or the players?

I think it was on both. Very poor to no senior leadership and a horrible job of game management vs Colorado State. That would have been a 4-8 season under thr previous coach. Unfortuanately so would this season. This will be our best season since the glorious Fall of 2016. LOL!

Just so young. 52 or 85 are freshmen or sophomores. Not saying this can’t be a jump forward. They have to get it rolling in September and then build confidence. I think Ole Miss and Texas A&M are key games. You win at Ole Miss, good things can happen.

While the bolded is true, what matters is whether or not the “33” difference of juniors and seniors are a quality group – I think they are. Besides, you start only 22. Maybe not the biggest or the most experienced, but I don’t think that group as a whole features a bunch of duds.

And, I think we have a pretty solid group of redshirt freshmen who now have at least a full year with Morris under their belts.

If…the new QBs add what was missing last season, and, the OL has progressed, we just might have the ingredients to be competitive with most teams.

I try not to expect very much, but I find myself a little more optimistic than I probably should. That’s because of two reasons. Hicks and Starkel.
I try to never post anything negative about players, and I’ll try to maintain that. But, last year, we just didn’t have a QB who was capable of making THE play when it was needed. Hopefully, between the two new guys, we will have someone this year.

I know the line was not good. But, as has been said by others, it’s not just on them. Backs didn’t pick up rushers. And the main thing to my admittedly untrained eye, was that the QB either threw an interception or held the ball too long and it was too late. I watched average QB’s on the other team drop back and zing a pass. to an open guy within the blink of the eye. And I’d watch our guy look and look and then try to run out of it or just get sacked.

Like Starkle said, we were four plays away from away from 6 wins. If there had been a Grovey, a Matt Jones, a Stoerner, or even a late senior BA, then I think the whole year would have been way different.

I have no idea what might have been behind the ‘not buying in’ thing. But I know as a fan that when we got into a situation last year where we desperately needed a play by the QB to lift us up, I pretty much expected either an interception from one guy or an incomplete pass or sack by another. Maybe some on the team expected the same? Don’t know.

I honestly don’t know what to expect after last year’s debacle. We had a severe talent shortage and the coaching was not up to SEC standards. We should have won at least 4 games. The recruiting is looking good, but Coach Morris needs to show he and his staff are SEC capable. The offensive line, defensive line and depth at linebacker are just going to be huge issues. I expect 4 or 5 wins. I don’t want to think about what happens if we go 2 years in a row without an SEC win. I am going to try to forget about the recent past and focus on the future, if I can. I hope Coach Morris makes us look foolish. The fans are ready to explode if we just have some success.