I remember

Zach Williams at 220 in HS. He’s now at 265.


Wow! Great Job Zach! I really think he makes an impact this yr,He has a motor that doesn’t stop and now looks like he has the size to really be dominant and we really need him and Stewart to go to the next level this yr


Arms are impressive.

Getting closer to having enough depth to have an upper level SEC rotation at defensive end.

An awesome physique for sure. The 2022 football preview HI showed him at 245 on the post-spring depth chart. Even with those big arms and thunder thighs he looks more like 245 with that narrow waist. His BMI must be low single digits. Maybe the above pic is when he was at 245 (?). I hope he really does look that good at 265, but I am having a hard time with that number.

I think you mean body fat percentage. BMI is going to be high for a muscular athlete. Taking his roster height of 6-4 and the 265 RD listed for his weight, he has a BMI of 32, which would be obese if he weren’t an athlete.

And even body fat has its limits. If you’re below 6% for a man, you’re in the danger zone; there is a certain amount of essential fat. Target range for an athlete is 6-13%. (Genetics mean that number is even higher for women athletes; their target would be 14-20%)

He’s 265.

He looks more like a player on Bama, UGA’s or LSU’s roster. They all have muscular arms and legs.

Yes, I meant body fat percentage. I still don’t believe he is 265 in the pic provided. I am not arguing he isn’t 265, just doesn’t look it in that pic.

The weights are from March. That’s latest they have released. If I interviewed a player in early May and he told me a weight, I tried to change it. But they all are different. Sometimes by not much. It’s hard to get an update on weights every 3-4 months. It just changes.

He did play at 245-250 last year. Zach has to really work at gaining weight.

He’s been successful so far. He hopes to get to 275 before the season.

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