I remember certain posters dogging DD

the first month of the season regarding his projections for Barford.

He was right. Maybe he knows a little bit about hoops?

Well, hell yeah, DD was right and he knows basketball about as well as anyone. DD was a good player himself.

There are several that owe DD an apology.

I trust Dudley and respect his opinion. There are several reasons for that mainly he is a HOG fan! Duddley does good work. You can ask a question and he tells it like it is.

Barford is starting to play like the #1 JUCO player in the country. Great to see.

Glad he was right about barford he has been difference this year
Wish he would have been right about Thomas
But 50% ain’t bad

We need jalen and Daryl next year


I went back to find the post in which someone last year said that Barford was more NBA ready than Monk. I wish I could find it.

Regardless, glad we get a chance to knock of Monk and UK tomorrow and cut down the nets in Nashville.

I could easily see Barford being a second rounder next year. He has an NBA ready body and has the strength to finish through contact. That’s what they like in PG these days.

The reason I wouldn’t say first round is because 95% of first round is one-and-done, underclassmen, and overseas guys. These days it’s only a handful of seniors that will be taken in first round. It was only 3 last year.

Great call by Dudley. In December and January I was wondering if we were going to have to wait a year to see Barford make a big impact. He’s had a February and is working on a March that we Hog fans should remember for a long time.

No, I am not a Hog fan.

It’s a journalistic thing.

I have no Razorback hats, clothes or memorabilia.

I do have Southwest Conference Championship rings in a case.

I wish I could get people to understand this, but maybe I should just quit trying.

I am proud of my state, I am proud of my alma mater.

But my passion goes to the Cardinals, Cowboys and Celtics because I don’t cover them.

I do appreciate the compliments.

The dogging is just part of the job when fans get frustrated.

The only problem I have is with people who are now where to be found during success, but front and center once one little thing goes wrong.

It just took them some time to blend.

Dudley’s average on these matters is pretty high. Much better than most of us. However, I always keep a rakestraw in my shed. Just in case he gets too cocky. :wink: