I remember being mad when Chris Moore

chose Auburn over us.

He played 8 minutes last night with zero points and 2 rebounds.

Looking at our team right now he would never take his tee shirt off. Hope he likes it down there.


Same here. I even went so far as to say Chris was the most important recruit in the class before he committed to Auburn. Thank God, I’m not the head recruiter for the Hogs.


I was upset too! It turns out Chris Moore would have been better off to climb on the Muss bus and get some coaching. He hasn’t been impressive yet and unable to crack the starting lineup. I think at some point he will transfer where he can get more PT.
But like you all I think the hogs have done really well with the player we have.


I think Chris was a great high school player who is just too much of a tweener to have much impact in a high D-1 program. He needs to find his level of play. I was not even aware of his presence last night.

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Forgot all about Chris Moore.

And that was a huge playing time increase for him.

I think he will go back to riding the pine.

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The sad thing for him is Muss would probably “nope” him if he enters the portal.


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