I really think the A&M game

Was just like what we’ll see in Indy in two weeks in a 3-14 or 2-15 or 4-13 matchup. An underdog team with nothing to lose giving us their best shot. Maybe they’ll try to run, maybe they’ll slow it down instead. Glad we were able to meet the challenge. And hope we’ll meet it again.

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That’s probably a great comparison. A desperate team or underdog just playing out of their mind. A&M hasn’t looked that good in 2 or 3 years! Last night showed just how much our hogs missed J. Williams!

Yeah we are a team that is very good when are focused and ready to play, don’t have the talent to show up with our B,C game and expect to look good, this is a heart and soul team,have to bring both or we can lose to anybody as we just about saw, should be a huge lesson learned yesterday

I agree.

And A and M’s switching zone will be the tape watched by many on how to stop us or slow us down

We did score 87 points on them. They didn’t slow us down much. What they did was hit shots.

South Carolina zoned us too. Oops.

I really don’t think our opponents watching the tape will do any good.
If the hogs make shots in the first half A&M would have to come out of the zone. Also The Aggies has out of body experience with their shooting against the hogs! That’s the best game they’ve played in 2 years!

True, and coach Muss has that tape as well. Pretty sure 87 points will win a lot of games. Could even run the table with that.

87 points will win most games. Right now I’m hoping J. Williams is healthy and able to play next Friday!

That’s exactly what I was gonna say. Scoring 87 isn’t slowing us down. It was a pretty fast paced game. Like you said, A&M just hit shots and so did we. We just made the FT’s when we had too.

A&M has not been a good shooting team. I thought they had some open shots, but I also thought the Aggies made some guarded shots, too. I know some will think Arkansas did not play great. I thought A&M played its best game – by a long stretch and Hogs still beat them. It was a great game to come back from what was an almost perfect game by the Aggies and for Arkansas to win.

They missed the three that would have tied it, we made a couple of steals and hit the FTs.

That was a really good play they ran which got their hot shooter a wide open chance. He missed it. It happens. Should he have made it, the Hogs would have had the ball for the last shot (unless a TO or something) that would win the game or at worst gone to OT. I would like our OT chances, but again, you never know.

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