I really like my Hoka walking shoes

Yeah I like them a lot. I hear Brooks makes fine athletic shoes also. That’s good because I never want to spend another dollar on Addidas or Nike merchandise.

Love my Brooks… best fitting athletic shoe I’ve ever worn…

The On Cloud is an amazing shoe. They make some more technical versions for running, but the cloud is perfect for everyday wear. ( yes I sell them as does walker bros in Fayetteville)

Understandable, but for now Nike is still supporting UA. Not sure how long the deal lasts, or if we might go back to Adidas after that (third option is Under Armour, which sponsors Auburn among others, so how clean are their hands?). New Balance sponsors some soccer teams, including Liverpool, but that’s more an apparel deal than shoes, and I’m not aware that they are seeking college sponsorships.

I happen to wear Altras which are also very comfortable. They don’t do any sports shoes other than running (same with Hokas)