I really like all these good young skill position players

From our young qb to wide receivers to running backs to defensive backs and kick off return.

Pretty nice group of skill positions coming up in my view.

Maybe coach B made such a push to improve skills areas he took his eye off d and o line areas that are normally his bread and butter,

Man, whether same admin or who ever ends up running the program, if we could just improve the lines by next year, I wonder if our program can’t get out of rut and take a big step where we want to be.

Takes a long to to build a line, especially an Oline. Very hard to have a quick fix there. I cannot understand why he would ever back off that in recruiting. You MUST have linemen in numbers. The rest are window dressing that are worth very little without those quality linemen. This coach of all certainly must know that. Why did he allow this to happen. I just do not understand.

Part of the problem is that they went all in on 5 star OL like Bolles and Weathersby and barely missed.

Bolles loved Pittman. Pittman thought he had him and then distance became a factor. Weathersby told them he was coming and then flipped late.

Add that in with missing so far on highly-rated guys they got like Wallace, Merrick, etc. and that’s how we are where we are.

They should have recruited better depth. They went for superstars and missed. It was a mistake but it wasn’t exactly from backing off making OL a position of importance.

You are right about the recruiting misses.
Wallace is slow but why not move him inside he can’t handle the outside. He can run block most of the time but you can’t fault a kid who is doing his best! TE on his side to help or a running back.
The Freshmen red shirts.

  1. Adcock
  2. Wagoner
  3. Clennin
    Those are the only 3 Anderson has had a hand in recruiting.
    Godson has been a suprise since he went into the coaches office and asked for a chance to play.
    Give Merrick the same chance.
    Ty Clary may beef up and do a good job.
    Froholtd was a DT and look what they have done with him. He has the tools in his tool box and he has caught on. So I don’t buy they can’t coach.
    Don’t ask a big man on the Oline to do something that is beyond thier ability. That’s the real issue. We are over matched.

Rogers did a good job at center.
The DLine will improve next year. The kids will get better under this 3-4 defense but they can’t get better being passive.

I learned a long time ago to use your people and fit what you ask them to do within their talents. God gave each and everyone of us a different talent. Together we are better than one of us alone!
There is no I in TEAM

Thanks for bringing some fact into the discussion. We need another Tretola but those are rare.

At the risk of the entire board melting down…one thing became obvious to me yesterday–and that is why they have given ole #74 chance after chance. Yesterday, against a really elite pass rusher…he played very well. That hasn’t been the case earlier in the season. At all. But as I watched him, his grace and agility for a big man made it obvious that he is indeed a real talent.

He just hasn’t played well. But man, on some plays he looks like an All-American. Maybe the light is coming on. With young people sometimes all it takes is some distinct success they can reference in their own mind. I see it in my world all the time.

He had a mean streak that I have not seen out of Colton prior to this game. He and Wallace have to get it together.