I really expected an elite pitcher to come thru the portal -------------------------

------------------------ to follow in Lockhart’s footsteps. Now that the draft is over and the dust is settled, has that ship sailed on us? I thought anyone could see that we, as a program, are just an elite pitcher or two from returning to Omaha next year. With our development ability, what happened for Kopps, the new Development Center, etc. this just seemed like a golden opportunity for a really good pitcher to get lots better, seriously improve his draft potential, and get a chance for a NC ring to boot. So far, I just hear crickets.

I’m not real sure too many Elite pitchers enter the portal.Lockhart was pretty good but came too us with 4+ ERA. I was hoping we could get a good pitcher or two for sure but it looks like we are going to have to make it happen with what we have.

I don’t think many if any elite pitchers were going to go anywhere until after the draft. Now that that’s over, there might be some movement. But I agree with Billy that they may not use the portal much.

I don’t think that door is shut yet.


That would be great if we could.

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