I really dislike the board changes...

I don’t like the view at all with the changes to the title where it says First Unread Post, then the post title.

I am sure I will eventually adjust, but dislike a lot.


I wish the edit and others had wording on them so you didn’t have to scroll.

These changes are not here to stay. Give us a day or so.

Thanks Matt! I have no problem with that.

Turn and face the strange Gentry.

Nor do I care for it at all. I spent a lot of time in software development and coding. Two ultimate
truths I discovered over many years and I know they are cliches but they yield some powerful

#1 If its not broke don’t fix it.

#2 Change for the sake of change is almost never good!

Both of these are about those coders that like to be cute and tinker. While sometimes they may
increase efficiency and do something beneficial. Most times they just create unseen bugs and
alienate people that are comfortable with what is already working.

Question, why when you click on new post they are not in order from newest to oldest?

That is not what happened here. It will be changed back to the way it was soon.

They are in order from oldest to newest, just like they have been since the day the forums were launched.