I really can't stand Alex Perlman

Listening to his voice disgusts me. Hearing him explode all over himself when the opponent does something really gets old.

I know he’s not employed by UA. I know he is supposed to be neutral. But, good grief I get so sick of hearing his annoying voice and awful play by play on every televised Hogs game.

I can’t either I mean how in the world that he think that guy actually has called him out on a third strike when it almostl hit him!!! Made himself look real bad there.

It’s a combination of him being just awful on play by play and then going into histrionics any time the opponent does anything. I’m so ready for anybody but him.

Amen. On this, you and I agree.


Well, he did get fired. Moving to NY in a couple of weeks.

I normally mute any hog game in any sport on the SEC network. The hogs are the orphans in the SEC. The idiot that hires these announcers needs his or her rear ended fired too. By the way take the SEC commissioner with them!

Perlman actually was employed by the university. Last night was his final broadcast for the Razorbacks. His job was posted on the university HR website this morning.

I’m going to apply! Jk