I read the Dallas paper online and they think TCU is going to whip

the Hogs really bad with their defense, no matter what they have or dont have in a QB at the time of their second game. Is their defense that good? I mean to write stuff this way in the DMN is like saying they are take a red headed stepchild and wear his pants out real good with the buckle end of the belt used on him. They must think the TCU defense is as good as the 1985 Chicago Bears defense.

Kansas State scored 45 on that defense last year.

well Hillcrest you still smoking those cigars you use to smoke? A defense that got 45 points put on them by K State dont sound like the 85’ Bears defense does it?

Definitely not Da Bears. :wink:

Yep, I still enjoy a fine cigar from now and then. I hope you’re doing well my friend!

One thing TCU has not seen is a offense, that is going to line up and run at them… I think it will be a good game!!

I hope they continue to think they’re going to whip the Hogs until kick-off. That’ll just make the next day’s headlines all the more enjoyable. Woo Pig!

It’s Texas guys come on they just can’t stand us never have even in the SWC conference but Arkansas does have alot better defense then last year an TCU well just say another one bites the dust lol

I am anxious to see if we have made progress in stopping a good spread offense. Or even slowing them down slightly. That’s assuming TCU is going to be close to the same they have been.

Hopefully the new DB coach will have some tips and insight, but we have looked pretty incompetent in the past year as far as being able to defending the spread.

TCU overlooked KSU big time (35 points in the first half before TCU adjusted) and KSU had their QB who couldn’t play against us due to injury. But I would agree that does not bode well for the TCU defense.

Their secondary is depleted so we will be able to mix it up on them. Their front 7 looks good, but how much experience do they have with a balanced play action offense? It all comes down to our Oline.

Most of their players can read, so the local paper will keep the Hogs overlooked…