I rarely post...but I have three questions

Three questions for the insiders or anyone who would care to comment:

  1. Is there data showing whether a football recruit is more likely to sign with a school when that school is either his first or last official visit?
  2. Insiders, do you know if CCM has a preference for being the first or last official visit for a recruit?
  3. Insiders, in the absence of any data on this topic, do you think it’s preferable to have the first…or last…official visit?

I’ll give it a shot for ya.

  1. Don’t know if there is any data with statistics per 1st vs last visits and signing.

  2. I don’t know personally but CCM probably prefers to have last visit as would any coach especially with recruits they know are completely undecided & knowing we are one of the schools near the top of ther list.

  3. I think it’s preferrable to have last visit. Again refer to answer # 2.

While you’re looking for data on this subject might as well add in data for Official Visits #’s 2, 3, & 4. Who knows statistically it could be one of those visits that actually got more kids signed.

Another note,
I think lot can depend on who made the 1st P-5 offers to some recruits. That can impress a lot.

  1. and 2) I don’t know about any data that supports that, but I do know that most coaches want to one of the first, if not the first, for unofficial visits and the last official visit.

But sometimes a kid goes and falls in love with a place and it’s over.

  1. I like being the first for each visit. It just seems like that is the best to me.

No data I’m aware of.

If you have a kid that you believe is close to committing the first visit is a good thing.

If a kid insists on taking all of his OVs I think you would like the last one.

I think it all depends on the kid and where they are in the process.