I rarely notice or participate in online polls, but

Noticed one today on this site. It asked how would you grade UA’s hiring of Muss. I voted “A” but fully get it if some thought he was a “B”, can even, somewhat, understand a “C”. But 100 people voted “F” and I think 102 voted “D.”

I fully get this is a stupid online poll, but give me a break, how can anyone give the hire, at this point a “F”?

Just a random thought on a day focused on football recruiting!

Would be interesting to see how long that poll has been up. I’ve seen it a few times. Some of those negative votes might have been a while back.

If not, I’m with you. Negative votes on Muss would be pretty hard to comprehend.

Ahhh! Good point.

Just shows there’s at least over 200 stupid people out there that don’t have much of a clue

It’s an old poll, for sure. It was asking about the hire – before he had coached any games. I bet you do it now – and I don’t create any polls – it would be different.

The day he was hired, I heard a lot of people who said they really liked the hire, but some who did not. Some of those same people have since jumped on the Musselman band wagon.

But I have heard a few in the last few days say they don’t like it when they lose at home. Oh well.

As Danny Ford told me once about SEC football, you get on a losing streak, things change quickly. Don’t think there is a lot of people changing thoughts on Musselman right now, but three straight SEC home losses don’t make everyone happy. I understand exactly what is happening and give him a good rating.

Still…I think his best move was in retaining Mason Jones. A very good, non-move.

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