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I’d say his career went to pot.

Sounds like a junkie mentality to me… You quit your job because they have a you can’t get high policy smh

I served in the military for over 9 years and it’s a zero tolerance policy… so I advocate for any company to have the right to decide what image it wants its organization portrayed as… If you don’t want to known as an organization full of junkies then you should have that right…

If weed is free for recreational use than why not cocaine, molly etc… you just can’t advocate for your drug of choice… “some like henny some like wine and some moonshine yet prohibition is prohibition”

I’m sure he can go running to the real corporate world, make the same kind of money and have a pot break four times a day.

It’s a real shame to see where his career went. If he had a good head on his shoulders he would be one of the best interior players in the league.

Lot of pot smokers in Pro & College Sports these days. Most of the arrests we see there is pot involved as well, either as primary or secondary violation.
Most of the substance abuse violations in sports are pot, takes a long time to clear your system, depending on the size & fat % of the individual.
Some manage it a lot better than others.

Irving made a choice here - pot over career.


Walmart has a zero tolerance policy.

I know you said that in jest, but I know of a few companies that actually allow this, and they aren’t nickel and diming their employees with minimum wage

Totally agree. I like Portgual’s stance on the subject.

Wonder if Nike will help financially bolster this “social justice warrior”?

Well, they have a real up and comer to join the team…

Irving did make 1 good point, he chooses to toke the weed over taking prescription pain killers which is actually the worst epidemic in America now. Maybe the worst epidemic ever while doctors & pharmacists still prescribe them like candy.

Geez, smoking marijuana=being a junkie?

No…fsilure to stop smoking long enough to maintain your multi million dollar salaried career makes you a junkie

Not a junkie, but letting it cost you a huge salaried career might make you a dope.

I think junkies inject drugs with needles.
Then there are crackheads and their pipes.
Then the Pillheads on pain meds & anti depressants.
Then the potheads like Spigoli on Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


If you’re chasing a high you’re a junkie by definition just like if you can’t put that bottle down you’re a drunk by definition… I don’t believe in glorifying one person preference for recreational use and condemning another’s… From my studies and experience I haven’t meant many crackheads or meth heads who first drug of choice was crack or meth… Weed is deemed in much of the public eye as something that’s cool… dating all the way back to the days of Scooby-Doo and the gang and beyond yet at one point cocaine use was just as common for recreation as weed and the users for each of these number of drugs a seeking one thing in common and that’s to get high as a kite!

So what happens when your body no longer feels the effects of weed as it did when you first put that blunt to your lips?.. Well for many they start seeking a better so they go from this kind to that kind of weed, next they go from weed to God knows what just to get high…

So my stance on the issue is this: if you’re going to make provisions for a weed-head then you should be willing to make one for the crack-head, cocaine-head, painkiller-head, molly-head, steroid-head etc… All of these drugs alter the state of mind and therefore has a direct reflection on how you perform in any capacity

I’m a recovering alcoholic, something I want to add to that statement. Someone who has one beer a day, one glass of wine for dinner, if they have to have that beer or wine, they’re an alcoholic. It’s the same with drugs, even if you don’t use enough to “get high” and if like Mr. Irving you need it, you fall into the category of a “druggy.”

Having a recreational “toke” or a recreational “drink” isn’t the issue, it’s when you HAVE to have it, that it becomes an issue. I’m a big fan of Mr. Irving, but right now he has an issue.