I quit caring if a kid from Arkansas goes elsewhere

I let this bother me forever. I remember hearing on the radio that Jerry Eckwood was going to be a Razorback, and being so relieved.

Later I worried about Corliss and Georgetown and many, many more. I was a grown man with kids and a job, and I wasted time worrying about this?

Somewhere along the way I figured guys like Malik Monk were simply not coming here, and I stopped reading posts and articles about them. I found I was much more relaxed and happier.

Muss will fill the roster. If Ware and Smith and Ford want to go somewhere else, then someone who wants to be a Razorback will take their place. And I’ll yell for them and not give a damn about some kid who goes to Auburn or Kentucky for business reasons.


Absolutely. It’s like I never knew you. A lot of fish in the sea and we have a coach that understands that.

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Don’t let the door hit m in the a…

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I am interested to know the real reasons why any Arkansas D1 talent would reject representing their home state and playing in front of their family and friends.

Can’t be facilities.
Can’t be coaching.
Can’t be coaching them up for the NBA or international pro leagues.
Can’t be for lack of winning.
Can’t be for lack of tradition.
Can’t be for any lack of fan interest or support.
Can’t be for not playing any freshmen.

I’m scratching my head trying to understand any logic of turning down CEM and the UA. Unless its $$$, family ties to an out of state school or just don’t have any state loyalty.



While I agree, we shouldn’t worry about kids who don’t want to come here, none of the kids you posted have said they’re not. Don’t start bashing them, yet. They maybe Hogs.

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Of course it is $$$.


Like trolls on the board the best thing to do is ignore them. But that will never happen.

There are a lot of posters on this board that were born and raised in Arkansas that took jobs out of state, for reasons they can justify. Seems like a basketball player should be able to make the same decisions.


Seems we have staffs who are well suited to attract talent to their programs, from various sources, so while I love to see Arkansas kids play meaningful roles in Hog successes, if they are happier elsewhere, they have earned the right to make their choices. I also think we have coaches who will demand a lot from their players, so if one does not wholeheartedly want to be a Hog, seems we may not be a good match.

They can but we don’t have to like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Why are you still living in Hawaii? Think of all the things you could do for Arkansas if you were here.

It’s not as simple as you want to make it. How about location? How about just wanting to get away and do something else? How about getting away from your family and friends? Leaving the state is like leaving your hometown. I’ll never go back to Jonesboro where I was born and raised. Been there done that. When I’m done with my career, I’ll likely be done with the state of Arkansas. Don’t need to live here to support the hogs. Why can’t some people just simply understand not every person in the world wants to be a Razorback?! Or maybe they are but don’t want to live here.


Muss is re-establishing it, but the truth is that Arkansas’s brand has suffered.

when I left high school, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, as long as it was a LONG way from home. I really wanted to see new places and new people. applied to college in TX, NC and chicago.

I’ve always loved fayetteville and my home state, but I just wanted to wander a bit. and I did, till we had a son, then 9-11 happened 3 months later, and we came home to the grandparents. and have loved raising my sons in my home state.

but I do understand why kids want to go elsewhere.

Now, when they go to Auburn or Kensucky for “business decisions”…it’s hard not to get a different opinion of them/their handlers. I’ll just never be able to abide the cheaters, any more than my grandma would have.


What added distasteful volume to Arkansas kids going out of state to an SEC team, it seemed they always came back and was instrumental in a Hog loss. That still can happen, but this staff hates losing worse than we do. Muss takes it personal if they reject the Hogs and can make their life really uncomfortable on a court. That makes it easier on a fan base.

If I was a top recruit living in Arkansas right now, if I wanted to go elsewhere, the top reasons will be

  1. Want to experience the outside world
  2. Have most of my games on national television to get national exposure.
  3. Don’t like the playing style

PJ, I believe that’s what at least one of the three is looking at. Getting out on his own, national exposure, and a different system that is more favorable to him.

My thoughts: The analogy of someone taking a job outside of Arkansas is a good analogy, but not perfect. There are not thousands of fans watching or caring about which job you take. Some would say that doesn’t matter, and, I can see the point, but, personally think it matters.

But all that aside, my thoughts have long been that if I was advising a kid about where to go, and I was not a fan of any of the schools, I would advise as follows:

  1. Are you from a state that has primarily one school? (Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Louisiana, as examples, as opposed to Texas, California, Oklahoma, etc.)

  2. If yes, do you think there is a reasonable likelihood of you returning to live in that state after your playing days are over? (Keith Jackson for example)

  3. If yes to 1 and 2 above, think long and hard about going to any other school. I know Keith Jackson has been accepted back to the state to a big extent. But I believe strongly that if Keith had gone to UofA his pro career would not have been negatively effected and when he came back, he would have been even more the “returning hero.” His PARK program would have been bigger and better, his career after sports would have been bigger and better.

Point to make: Is Mr. Business decision even remembers by UK fans? If he goes back to Kentucky after his playing days are over, do they have any “warm fuzzy feelings” for him? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. If he had gone to UofA? I think the Arkansas fans WOULD have “warm fuzzy feelings” for him. I THINK that affects your after playing days career. Could be wrong.

If I was advising a kid from Missouri who was down to Arkansas and Missouri, and I was not influenced by my love of Arkansas, I would tell him to go to Missouri.

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Greg, I agree with your last sentence

Greg, I’ve got a good friend who’s a huge UK fan, born and raised. we share funny moments from each of our fan bases.

On the UK message boards, if a top recruit ends up being a bust, they refer to him as “an Archie Goodwin”.

That’s funny right there, but also emphasizes your point, since I don’t think AG would be treated that poorly if he had stayed home and tried to help CMA restore our program.



I think there are several members of the 2020 UK signing class who could replace Business Decision in that “distinction”.

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