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I have been around Christian Dawkins and Andy Miller at AAU events.

I’m not surprised at all about this.

While I don’t think it is in my best interest legally to name names right now, I know of some Arkansas targets that were paid to go to other places.

There have also been players who have landed here that have turned down $ offers to go elsewhere.

I will also note that not every coach here has been as lily clean as many would like, but there has never been rampant cheating going on here on a consistent basis.

Certainly not under the current head coach.

Cough Reggie Perry Cough

In all seriousness good stuff Dudley. Hopefully once a lot of this stuff starts coming out you can go into further details.

There is nothing new about Pay to Play. It has been going on for a long time…See this one from the mid to late '50’s that involved North Carolina State and Kentucky plus a few others… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Moreland

Are you free to say whether you have been interviewed by FBI or not? Your statement of “not in best interest legally” begs that question.

I took that to mean if Dudley wrote here that if Peggie Rerry was paid to go to school elsewhere, he would be hearing from an attorney for Peggie and his ever-devoted mom on Monday morning.

The desire to avoid a defamation suit is the probable reason, bearing in mind I am not Dudley’s lawyer. Some of these coaches and handlers are probably going to sue or threaten to sue over being mentioned in this mess, and the coaches can afford a lot of legal firepower. While the truth is a really great defense in a defamation case, going through the suit process is not fun and can be a drain for both a writer and his employer.

Some of these guys will get exposed, as more documents come out on the FBI probe, and once those documents and testimony are out in public, then maybe you will hear some more about the ones who’ve been caught.

Thanks Dudley. We appreciate you a lot.

It’s funny to me the guy on College Gameday (the one that always has a jersey on, and reveals it, bballs imitation of Corso’s headgear) was interviewed a few years ago and basically said everything the FBI has supposedly found. Wonder how much of this stems from that interview?

Is his name Jay Williams?

I’ll take a stab at it. Do their names rhyme with Junk, Marchie and Larry?

I was worried the NCAA would not do anything but then the AZ HC Sean Miller was all over the media Sat am. Now even Emert is doing interviews about the problem. Do you think the Sean Miller news from Friday night will add enough pressure to the NCAA to make them act now? I would have to think all of this is the tip of the iceberg with the wire taps picking up coaches.

The NCAA is in a real bind here. The tournament is very close and the evidence against many of the Blue Blood teams is very damaging. Emert and crew have to be in a quandary of what to do. Which is hilarious to me seeing how EVERYONE knew about the blatant cheating and did nothing. At this point I’m betting the tournament goes on with no teams (or players) suspended. Then when all the evidence is in there will be some high priced PR firms spinning this for the NCAA.

Mark Fox is a hero for saying what should be said about coaches and schools looking the other way.

I hope to be wrong, but I’m fearful there won’t be much justice from NCAA.

Fact that so many programs were evidently involved in cheating ironically makes it harder to single out Justice as NCAA itself is culpable for lack of institutional control of so many members.

I would not be surprised if there were kick backs to NCAA to look the other way.

With so many teams cheating and NCAA itself at the least exposed to some degree, look for a common defense to be the everyone was doing it Defense complete with inconsistent rules enforcement and lack of enough enforcement resources etc.

There will be calls for improving oversight and all and I fear that justice for the real cheaters out there will not be as meaningful or severe as they deserve.

I hope to be wrong because some of these programs are so dirty and arrogantly so at that.

Thanks DD.

Bush, I agree with you, the NCAA will do nothing. I think the FBI should be all over ESPN as well, I mean we all know a certain kid played for $eth Greenberg and then his father became so $ick he flipped to Mi$$ $t. An Addida$ $chool with a coach fond of bending the rule$. Jay Bila$ consistently screams about paying kids. Jay Williams did an interview a few years back talking about all this as common knowledge, and Dickie V is slamming Miller, but still drooling over Izzo and Calipari. Come on, ESPN is just as involved. I say go after all of them: Adidas, Nike, AAU, kids, parents, ESPN, NCAA or leave it alone and allow everyone to pay the players.

Well said Bakehog…

Somebody has been given marching orders. The party line at ESPN that I’ve heard is almost universally that this mess demonstrates that the rules are bad and that the coaches weren’t really doing anything unethical other than not following bad rules. I can accept the argument about the rules. However, the rules and their intent were quite clear. Letting the cheaters skate totally ignores that some coaches and programs benefited significantly at the expense of those who weren’t willing to put their careers at risk and steered clear of the most egregious practices. What about the ethics of following the rules when there is a clear financial motivation to not do so? Not so long ago they were running headlines about the “disgraced” Louisville head coach.

There will be nothing done to punish any blue blood! There will be no fair playing field for all of college basketball or football!

I don’t have a problem with that, except, in execution. Is it open season and the rich schools can just pay what they want? I get that from a “free enterprise” side, but lets be real, are we ever going to be able to outbid Texas? Texas A&M, UK? (add lots of other schools here). If that is the system, then I can tell you I would quickly lose all interest in college sports. How popular is AA baseball or even AAA? I don’t see those games on TV like you see even college baseball, must less college football or basketball.

Other choice is to say you can pay them, but set an amount. Whatever it is. If everybody can pay the same, the players are getting money, but it isn’t a bidding war. Better way, but still lots of problems. The rich will still get richer, I assume the amount wouldn’t be so high that UofA couldn’t pay it, but talk about dooming the UALR’s of the world. They couldn’t pay it and the big boys would get even more of the talent. But even bigger issue, if you pay men’s basketball players, got to pay everyone. Title 9. VERY few schools could afford to do that (if any).

Last problem, even if Title 9 doesn’t kill the idea, if you have a set limit (not open season) you are right back where you started. All the players signing with any SEC school get $20,000 a year (what ever the number is). UK is STILL going to offer the TOP kids more than that under the table. All you did was raise the starting price.

Heck, the best thing about the current (broken) system is that Title 9 doesn’t come into play because the schools aren’t officially paying it!

I agree with you, looking at Football, I’d assume the P5 schools could outbid everyone else. In basketball, I’m pretty sure KY could outbid just about any basketball players. Then do you pay the 5* more than the 3* and what happens when a 3* (Mark Ingram) ends up with the Heisman? Do they get more? Is there bonuses.

I see both sides of the issue. I still don’t believe anything will come of this.

I’m afraid nothing major will happen and very little to the blue bloods. I agree that if, in execution, players could be played that it would be OK. But it’ll never work in theory. So I agree with Baked in that the house needs to be completely cleaned out. But it won’t happen and never will.