I purchased a Dallas Morning News paper today to read about TCU

What I got from the article there is that Patterson is not happy with anything from last weeks game. That the two DE they like so much finally woke up and began playing at the end of the game. That South Dakota State was able to do something on offense to offset what ever TCU does on defense very well. That TCU freshman wide receiver Isaiah Graham will miss the next couple games, however they get an injured player Jarrison Stewart back (I guess he is also a WR, but it does not say). They best RB, Kyle Hicks # 21, got 59 yards against SDS. Has a picture of this # 21 getting tackled by SDS. It also says Hicks did not get live work during 2 a days, since he is their best back and they did not want to risk injury, so it might take a few games to get him toughen up for contact. I hope the Hogs knock the fire out of # 21, since he has not had much contact.

Both teams (TCU and Arkansas) tackled poorly. That’s a sign of not much scrimmage against the best backs. I think that’s the normal way to practice in college football these days, maybe the NFL, too. The NFL does at least have preseason games. Obviously, college does not. No one wants to risk tackling its best backs. Tackling the next level of backs probably doesn’t expose your defenders to the kind of speed they see on game day.