I promised myself I wouldn’t do this but.,,

I’m getting excited about Razorback Foitball again

Must be a virus because there is no evidence Arkansas can win at a consistently high level - just hope and faith

I’m atarting to believe again

Must be Hog Fever or .,

The Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Im drinking

Woooo Pig Soooiee from the Bluegrass

Nasty good DE’s will do that!

I’m always excited this time of year. There is a lot of talent lurking in the roster that just needs to be coaxed out. The mental edge is one of the things lacking. That path begins now. As a great cyclist once said (paraphrased): “The Tour de France is won in January, not July”.


I’m getting excited about Razorback Foitball again

Must be a virus because there is no evidence Arkansas can win at a consistently high level - just hope and faith

I’m atarting to believe again

Must be Hog Fever or .,

The Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Im drinking

Woooo Pig Soooiee from the Bluegrass

It is Hog Fever & we must embrace it with a fever pitch!
Makers Mark helps me Sir.


can’t wait till the season starts! Heck I can’t wait for some coverage of the winter conditioning lol


I’m anxious as well, there was a lot of talent on this team left over from the CBB era and hopefully our new staff can develope these players further plus what they brought in with the new class. Only time will tell the future of the new era and it’s just as easy to be upbeat as it it to be a doubter ! WPS

You’re just a TRUE FAN and with the amazing coach & assistants to back that up, I’m catching that hog fever with you. GHG !

I don’t know if I am that excited because I know this year could be a write off, as is common with coaching changes. On the other hand, I am excited that maybe, just maybe, we will see some real defense start to emerge. We have a nice mix of veteran and young coaches to help play quality defense. It has been a few years since we have seen a defense that can blitz and play press coverage.

I too am looking forward to what I view as a competitive offense and likely a very fun team to watch grow over the next 3 years.

I’m excited because there is hope again with a new direction. My hope for 2018 is to find a way to six or seven wins and for recruiting to improve.

We start at the bottom of the SEC West so patience is needed by the fanbase. Support these coaches as they work very hard to improve the program.

Yes our Hogs will be at the bottom of the west

But I’m hoping for some exciting games with the Razorbacks leaving scars on other teams

There will be night terrors and bruised bones.
Fear the Rabid Slobbering Razorbacks.

I agree about the patience. There is some talent that was redshirted, talent that was not recognized, and some great players that were injured. Guys like Pulley are ALL-SEC level talent that will be back but we played some blue chips while he missed the season. Our corners will be very good and with quality depth to rotate/stay fresh. The Oline and Dline scare me as they will dictate our ability to win 6+ games. I will have to learn to like the Spread HUNH offense. I owe you an apology for how I argued with you during FB season. I have had the tables turned on me in the Basketball forum, and oh lord forgive me if I acted like those freaks. We have some posters that won’t even allow you to question Mike at all and I don’t call him names or make rude comments about him. At least most of my concerns during FB season was the nasty attitudes and names used against CBB. As the season went along, I questioned his coaching and recruiting as well. And you were right in your opinions as well.

I am taking a wait and see. I will not be caught up in this again. I do have hope. As to defense, we have played very little in the last few years. They could not or did not even slow down Costal Carolina much less the SEC. I am so tired of thinking we are up by 14, but so what? We cannot stop anybody. Was that scheme or talent? The scheme worked when we had the talent.

The sobering thing to me about the new defensive staff is do we really think we will have more talent than A&M and they gave up all sorts of points to powerhouse teams like Wake using that scheme.

I am full of hope, but show me some Ws first. Show me holding teams to under 20. Then, I will start to buy in. I have been burned far to many times to let that happen again without a lot of caution.

I am going to be more agressive than ever in trying to get Spring Practice info. This is the only way we will know with the Spring Game.

No we won’t. I hate to say this, well actually I say it every year, and both Matt Jones and Jimmy Carter have echoed this. What we see in the Spring Game is AR players playing AR players, it tells us nothing until we play another team.


Excited to see something radically different. #Hammerpig #Razorleftboogie

Very true, but I do think we can see how certain players perform. I am interested in the Oline picking up the new scheme, who on the Oline puts in the work to learn it, Who on the Oline is athletic enough to play this scheme, etc. I am wanting to watch the Dline to see if guys like Watts get a fresh start and take advantage of it, see what Chavis and Caldwell do to the Dline and LB’s, and how they use Sosa. I will be watching the secondary to see if they use Pulley and the other young studs at CB in press coverage to free up defenders.

See, this is why I actually posted my statement. Two years ago, someone who watches the practices gave us a glowing report about how much the defensive line had improved. Our offensive line was having issues stopping them. I said to me that showed our Oline was worse. I was told I was wrong. Hmmmmmmm. Then last year we heard that both the Oline and Dline were much improved, again I said, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I was told to shut up and quit posting because the individuals (plural) singing the praises of the line was much better at evaluating football than I was. How good were the lines again?

Don’t worry, I’ll hold my judgement this time until the end of the season, but don’t get too excited watching a few guys with SEC speed play against guys we know don’t have it. Especially, when we hit SEC play and a few of the teams have SEC speed at EVERY position. Just my two cents.

By the way Treat, I think when people watch the Spring game or practices they get a false sense of expectation and it leads to the Fire Bret, Fire Mike Now crowds. Hopefully, they’ll be quiet for the season since it’s Chad’s first, but I doubt it.