I probably should not repeat this

But I am frustrated too much not to.

This is one of those “I know someone” posts.

Well I do.
I know someone who is a former Razorback football player, and was a pretty good one.
He played in the trenches.
He is still closely associated with the program and would have legitimate knowledge.

I cannot reveal who he is because of restrictions of what I do for a living and what he does.

But I asked him if our problem was lack of talent or coaching or both.

His answers was that our OL coach is in over his head and should be fired immediately. He also had negative feelings about the running backs coach.

I can see that. No doubt our OL has digressed tremendously in 2 years.

Out HC is in over his head

Anderson came in…o-line went south. I mean…fast.

I have to agree with your source. We don’t have total duds in our o-line roster. They are not being coached well. Pittman looks like a god now…

Kelly should be the starter from this point on. I am sure CB does not want to fire Coach Anderson , but he is not what Arkansas needs for a line coach. I cannot believe our O-line is this bad. I do not know how you game plan from the offensive side when you have such a poorly coached O-line. Changes have to be made or it is time for CB to move on.

Disagree with the highlighted portion. If you start him against Bama and AUB with the issues we are having on Oline, you’ll have a QB who gets nervous and develops happy feet. Look at Brandon Allen who played (as Dudley says, “Was thrown to the wolves by JLS”) against Bama. The following year, when we went 3-9 he looked absolutely horrible, if you do it to Kelley the next two weeks, he may regress, which will cost us later. Let him get scrub time the next two weeks, then if we still need a QB change, do it against Ole Piss.

I would expect Kurt Anderson to have a new employer next year. I have the feeling it’s him or CBB.

I’ve not been pleased with our OL play since the first game last year.

We have very good backs, but they have very little opportunity with this OL.

Totally agree. I hope Hayden does not transfer by with such poor line play, why would he stay and how do we recruit?