I probably missed it, but how did we end up playing CoState in Fort Collins this year?!?!

Is this the Michigan replacement and we had to play them home and home to get it? Is this going to be the price for doing business to get the enhanced competition mandated by the SEC? Do we have other away games against marginal competition in our future schedules as well? Will someone please 'splain it to this Lucy?

It was the best they could do when Michigan spurned us to play Notre Dame. Those big non-conference games are set so far out that unless you can match up with another last minute opening you end up with happened here. I think we have one actual power team on the schedule from 20-22(Notre Dame and Texas with two of those in Fayetteville) so the next big thing will be when they announce another marquee home and home or our being in one of the opening weekend made-for-tv games against a big time opponent.

Relatively speaking, Michigan dumped Arkansas at the last minute. The marquee nonconference games on teams’ schedules now are put together several years - sometimes 10 or more - in advance.

I think at the time that Michigan pulled out of the series, there were only three Power 5 teams that had a workable opening in 2018 or 2019, but none had both years available to work a home-and-home, which Arkansas requires to play a nonconference away game. Colorado State was on the schedule to play in Fayetteville in 2019, so the Razorbacks worked out a deal with CSU to play a home-and-home contingent on the SEC waiving the Power 5 mandate for two years. The SEC, citing the uniqueness of Arkansas’ dilemma, made the concession and the home-and-home was finalized last March.

This game and the 2020 game at Notre Dame are Arkansas’ only scheduled nonconference games that are outside of the state.

The game at Colorado State is interesting. The Rams just opened a new 45,000-seat stadium last year and are aggressively scheduling Power 5 teams to come play them in Fort Collins. Oregon State played the first game at the stadium last year and Vanderbilt, Texas Tech and Arizona are under contract to go there in future years.

Michigan had to pay a $2 million buyout. But that is nothing compared to what it would cost to replace the game. I think a buyout in a series like that ought to be triple that. No way to replace that kind of series at this late of a date.

Having said all that, I love Fort Collins. I may go early and stay over. It’s just a great area.

serendipitously the Rams are not projected to be as good as usual… Good time to go bond and have a good road trip.

Mrs. Buzzard and I are going and really looking forward to getting back to that area.

We are really looking foreward to having all of you out. I am willing to try to help any of you with any info about the area or where to go or any of that stuff. Just let me know. I am near the new stadium at least once a week. It looks nice from the outside. I understand parking was a problem last year. Get there early.

There is considerable interest in this game here. It is a big deal for an SEC team to come.

The Rams are expected to be down this year, and we play them between CU in Denver and FL in Gainsville. We should win, but I keep thinking how we mopped up Costal Carolina in our home stadium and wonder if this bunch can handle anyone. I hope it was coaching and not talent becasue I will never live it down if the Hogs lay an egg in Ft. Collins.

My BIL and nieces live in Castle Rock, so we will have a group of six or so going. Is there an alumni group out there? or anyone else putting together a tailgate party?

There is an alumni group in Denver.

Actually, Notre Dame won’t return the game until 2025. I just hope they don’t pull a Michigan and buy their way out of that game after we visit them in 2020.

https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/ark … ame-series

The Denver Alumni group has a watch party for each Hog game. I would imagine they will put something together. Will let you know when I know. I am the worst at putting something like that together, but we should have some sort of a receiption or something. Am willing to help or do whatever. My Research Greenhouse is 2 blocks from the stadium. I will offer tours. I am sure I will have thousands of takers on that!