I prefer TT

For our matchup over Florida. It looks like that’s what it’ll be too. I like it because they do not have the pitching that Florida has. I also like that Florida has worked their way into their bullpen just a little, getting some of their best arms some work.

Florida may be hurting, but their pitching can be a serious problem, best bullpen in the country.

Tech saved their best pitcher for us. He’s been the Saturday guy all year, but Caleb Kilian has been their best hurler. Kilian is 9-2 with a 3.04 ERA; opponents are hitting .224 against him.

Right, but after him there will be a drop off.

Let’s hope we work him hard and get him out early. The earlier we get into their pen, the better off we are, obviously.

Well TT beat Florida just like most of us figured! It will be a good game. Let’s hope we have our hitting shoes on.
Florida has poor play at 1B and that was one of the major problems they had!

I’m hoping it has horrible ratings for ESPN because we’ve blown Tech out so early. Kinda like the final game of the super.

Florida still committing errors unlike last year in the series.

There’s a feel about this Arkansas team, like they are peaking at the right time. Not to jinx them but since postseason play began, this team seems like they are on a mission. They remind me of last year’s Florida team. I don’t know that I’ve seen an Arkansas team that had the talent to back it up to be so driven. Hope it leads to big things.

This hogs team wants to win it all! With a win Tuesday night they can get even closer to the championship round! They seem to focus and stick together. This hogs team just simply has power from top to batting of the batting order and they just have a way of exploding for several runs. Yesterday the big inning happened without a home run!
There’s some differences between our hogs this year and Florida last year. Most noticeable our hogs can pound an opponent with offense and last year Florida was unable to produce the big innings.
The hogs need another explosion Tuesday night at the plate! I’m hoping Casey Murphy comes out and pounds the strike zone and keeps TT off balance!

I looked up the box score from our April win. Ex-Hog Jackson Rutledge started, did OK (1 earned run) but didn’t last long. Evan Lee got the win in relief. Loseke went the final 4.2. Tech’s starter last night pitched 2.2 against us in relief, but they were already behind and their starter took the loss.