I posted this on 10/28/16

And nothing has changed my thinking - in fact I’m MUCH more concerned than I was a year ago. Is there anybody that can convince me I’m off base in my thinking?


Real Concern About Program’s Direction
Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:07 am

I’d like feedback from people that say Coach Bielema is building the program the right way and feel that those like myself that are skeptical of that are wrong. I’m not looking to get it in to a snarky “I’m right and you’re wrong back and forth” but a substantive exchange. I fear we’re in real trouble but would welcome being persuaded otherwise.

My concern is based off the fact that I believe by a coach’s fourth year the program is finally, truly his. From the majority of the players to the culture/identity of the team the coach owns it. He said as much in numerous media appearances this summer when he said he felt good about this season because he finally “truly knows his team.”

When he was hired I felt as the program matured we’d play clean and be very solid on both lines of scrimmage ensuring that most every week we’d be competitive with a chance to win a lot of games in the 4th quarter. If you had told me then that we’d be the worst in the league in sacks allowed and the worst defense in the country at stopping the run I would have been shocked. I probably would have told you we must have been beset my a massive amount of injuries. Of course this is not the case. Bottomline is we’re just not very good and lack physicality on both lines of scrimmage …a Bret Bielema team that’s not physical!!! It boggles the mind really.

I always felt attracting enough elite speed would be an issue - always has been - but too be so poor in the trenches when this program should be maturing is very disturbing and surprising and makes me doubt the “foundation” is solid.

For those that disagree and continue to believe firmly in Bielema I’d welcome input on why you think I’m overreacting or am just plain off base.

I am of the opinion that if CBB cared for the players and the program like he says he does, he would resign.