I polled coaches/players on best catch this postseason

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i think Cole easily is the best…just an incredible catch!

This like choosing your favorite child. Just an unfair question. However, I think HK’s catch was the most important in light of it being a home run saving catch that might have been game changing. The other two catches were equally athletic (I’d maybe give Cole’s the edge on what was required) & came at crucial junctures, but if I ranked them I’d go: 1. Kjerstad 2. Cole 3. Gates.

Matt and I were talking about which we thought was best before we put the poll out on WHS. I initially said Kjerstad pretty much for the same reasons Wes Johnson, Dominic Fletcher and Nate Thompson did. But I’m with you, youdaman, Cole’s was incredible. And for him, I’m sure it kind of provided a jolt of confidence after an 0-for night at the plate.

When I went to ask the guys the question I wasn’t expecting to get great answers. I know it’s not really fair :lol: Thankfully they were all in good enough moods and gave me solid stuff.

They were all big for momentum and the moment, but only one directly kept runs off the board for the other team. It had to be Kjerstad’s home-run robbing catch. It not only kept the other team from scoring but was also redemption for a previous dropped ball. The other two were foul balls. We don’t know what would have happened if they had not been caught, but we know what would have happened without Kjerstad’s catch. I wouldn’t want to do without any of them, but HK’s has to be No. 1.