I played basketball yesterday

Just as I did the previous Saturday and the Saturday before that. On this day I played with middle schoolers, because they were the only folks in the gym area of my local community center. One of the kids was a broad shouldered 6’2 8th grader who plays AAU ball. One was a girl wrestler who just finished her season undefeated. One was a smaller kid who was quicker than a hiccup. I am 62 years old. We played cross court 3 on 3 and I never failed to get back on Defense. I made shots, I stole the ball off the dribble and I hit the floor after a hard foul from the girl wrestler. I got up and I laughed. The kids were ready to quit before I was. Today I celebrated Mass with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I realize this virus is serious business. I know the magnitude of what happened 100 years ago. I will use common sense. With no sporting events to attend or watch on TV, I will read more. I will pray more and I will write more. I will not however, crawl up into a ball and live in fear.
I will not look for people to blame this on. I will embrace life in all of it’s glory and give thanks to God for all of his blessings. I will do what I can to help others get through this. If I contract this virus it probably won’t kill or even hospitalize me. I am not young but I am strong and healthy. While the Lord did not give me gifts of great athleticism, he has allowed me to keep what he has given me late into life, and for that I am grateful. May the peace of the Lord be with you all. Today and every day. Amen.


You and I think the exact same way. I would also add that the best thing all of us can do is go out and spend money in our community. To me the biggest risk today is our friends and neighbors losing everything they have because they lost their jobs or businesses. If you fall into one of the at risk categories then stay home when possible to limit your exposure to the virus. It amazes me that just 10 years ago 60 million Americans had swine flu, 300,000 were hospitalized, and 18,000 died. About 1,000 died before it was declared a national emergency. Most don’t even remember it happened. What was the difference then versus now? You can figure it out. Something seems fishy about all of this based on what we know right now.

Nice post.

agree. easy to see as the media and left are using the only weapon they have.


Actually the best thing you can do is to distance yourself from as many people as possible. You can be a carrier and not know it. You can infect another young, healthy person who happens to be a pharmacy technician or a CNA who will in turn come in contact with a high risk person.

Times are going to be tough. They are already tough for many people. Listen to the experts. People who study pandemics and/or have medical degrees. You mention the swine flu. We are trying to avoid the same fate as those who lost their lives.

Actually, according to the available data, COVID-19 is from 20 to 50 times (average of all countries current data is about 33x) more deadly than H1N1 (swine flu), and most of the mortality occurs in the more elderly. In addition, there is some question as to whether the initial H1N1 infestation was handled properly given the number of deaths. Nothing really “fishy”, just a different philosophy on the value of those lives.

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There are about 10,000 opinions on this virus and none are the same including the death rate. I didn’t say you had to hug and kiss the business owner or the other patrons. Get out and spend some money. Get a tank of gas and drive, just drive. Stop somewhere you’ve never been and get a meal to go. Spend some stinking money. If you’re sickly then stay at home. I ask again, where was all this panic in 2009? Crickets.

hog2009…I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are all gonna have the same fate as those who died from swine flu. It may not be COVID19 or Swine Flu that gets us but we are going to die. This is the part I don’t understand. We have wasted trillions of of dollars to this point of paper money and real money. We are on the verge of ruining more lives than COVID19 ever could. This is the United States of America. We always rise to the occasion and beat whatever obstacles that are in the way. We can try all we want but death is gonna come knocking at all our doors sooner or later. Its part of life and there is nothing any of us can do about it. You can avoid public gatherings, eat salads, run 5 miles per day, don’t smoke, don’t drink, but in the end the result is still the same. We will die of something. If you know where you’re going it makes the journey a whole lot better.

You’re right. We’re all going to die sooner or later. Let’s quit searching for a cure for cancer and close down all the dialysis centers.

I would hazard a guess that if we all get out our calculators and divide the number of reported deaths by the number of reported cases, perhaps we can come up with a consensus opinion that might suffice until something better comes along. Try it–you might not like it!

The only problem with that figure is that we have a pretty accurate number for deaths, but the number of reported cases may be as much as 10X less than the actual number of infected people from whom those deaths occurred.

The number of healthy people who were infected, spent a couple days “under the weather”, and returned to their normal routines will always remain an unknown. The only way to get an accurate number would be if every person in the world, (or U.S., if that is the comparison you want) were tested over a short duration of time.

Those of you who think that the consensus recommendations from doctors in the US are politically motivated are, quite frankly, irrational. That hypothesis is easily falsified by all the more restrictive measures that have been implemented internationally. You have to believe that their governments are shutting down South Korea, China, Italy, France, Spain, etc. for the political gain of the Democrats in the US. Jeez, a book came out in 2012 that documented how all those crazy epidemiologists were worried that a coronavirus coming out of the wet markets in China could be a big danger.

You know what is different between this and the swine flu, other than having a 50% effective vaccine readily available? Coronavirus has already overrun advanced healthcare facilities in other countries. Studies of past epidemics have shown that remarkably small differences in time ( even a couple of weeks) of implementation of preventative measures can make huge differences in the total amount of pain endured. If you wait until everybody and their crazy uncle agrees that this is a major problem, it’s too late. Go big and go early is always the optimum health response. Now, whether it is the optimum tradeoff with the economy is uncertain. Officials don’t even have any guidance on whether children can be carriers. Hopefully we can take a big hit for a short time rather than waiting for every hospital in the country to be begging for ventilators all summer and treating patients in tents in the parking lot. See how many people are going out spending money then? That’s the problem. You can’t wait until all the unknowns are answered with 100% scientific certainty, especially since there is no guarantee that any vaccine or effective treatment will be available even many years down the road. South Korea is already seeing light at the end of the tunnel with comprehensive testing and their populace following the recommended guidelines. Christ, it’s not asking a lot to go a couple of weeks without playing friggin’ basketball and then reevaluate.

But by all means, let’s be selfish and go play basketball



I love life and don’t want anyone to die. We as Americans have always accepted a certain amount of risk In our daily lives. We understand there is a risk when we drive and we just accept that 50.000 plus Americans will die behind the wheel of a car. We don’t stop driving. We accept drug related deaths, all sorts of accidental deaths, thousands of gun deaths, and so on. The point I am making is what makes COVID19 different than every other loss of life event we have on a daily basis? Why plant a flag and shut down the world for this particular event? That is what I am struggling to understand. I really am. We should always strive to find ways to save lives (i.e. cancer treatment and kidney treatment). I am not against that at all. I understand what they say they’re trying to accomplish by slowing down the number of people that will get infected. I am just not sure the overall result is the best thing for our country and it’s citizens. Time will tell.

One of the pieces of information the NCAA got from its medical people before they shut down the tournament was that if something wasn’t done and done big, 500,000 deaths from this virus would be a BEST-CASE scenario. If you think the economy is taking a hit now, imagine if one of 600 Americans is dropping dead. And the peak is likely to be May or June, which is why they shut down the spring sports championships.

Italy isn’t shutting down to make Trump look bad. The European Union isn’t shutting down to make Trump look bad. UK PM Boris Johnson is Trump light and they’re clamping down. It’s extremely serious and it’s nowhere near under control.

Dr. Fauci is unfortunately underselling it, but he’s a lot closer to the truth than his boss. The one thing that will save people who get seriously ill is respirators. There are not anywhere near enough respirators in this country to handle that kind of load.

These threads. Such willful ignorance and shameful disregard for reason.

I’m in a country right now that shutting completely down more so everyday. Airport “completely” closed in and out. Malls closing down, very important vendors that my company relies on to keep the oil and gas drilling/production going are closing doors. I can’t even go get a haircut now and I don’t look so suave with longer hair like I did in the 70’s and 80’s. Bout the only thing still open is the small markets and grocery stores but the shelves are getting bare. I can get all the toilet paper I need though, as the nationals and other nationalities here use a different system for that, ie a small hose.
They don’t care what other countries (Or Presidents) are doing or what is or isn’t said in the media anywhere.
Any and all people who arrived in country on or after Feb 27th are under government mandated quarantine for up to 21 days. Then have to go thru medical check for the virus to acquire a certificate of health after the fact. All measures being put in place to protect “all the people here”. It’s quite chaotic but if it saves lives & helps stop the spread of corona it’s all worth it in IMVHO.

4 Nets test positive, 3 without symptoms. This is why we should all be practicing social distancing.