I personally feel that college coaches should not

be allowed to recruit freshmen or sophmore high school athletes. I fear it could lead to
offers being made and in time, frankly, corruption involved. Leave the kids alone until they are approaching college age, Too much too soon is usually bad.

That train left the station many decades ago.
Winning is big business and the big schools simply have to have the best athletes in order to feed their donor class alumni’s ego so the the process of wash, rinse, repeat can continue.

I think you’re both right. Bob’s suggestion is what I’d like to see, dfarris has the reality pegged.

I agree also, wishful thinking but not realistic on my part.

I read somewhere the NCAA has mentioned this. Not sure if it will ever happen.

Yep, that is a good idea. Unfortunately, we may have to settle for just not recruiting 7th graders.

As it is, tough on late bloomers to get noticed. Playing your best football at the end of your senior year is too late to get noticed in most cases. You likely end up at UCA.

I read where Stanford’s latest golf class was committed all as sophomores. That means they were figuring it out as 9th graders.

Dave Van Horn is looking at 9th graders and committing them as sophomores in some cases. He said it’s scary.

They projected Heston Kjerstad as a great player as a 5-11 shortstop. He grew to 6-3. Van Horn said he looked at Heston a 6-4 daddy and thought Heston would grow.

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