I only want 1 thing with the new AD and eventual coach

As stupid as it was, I listened the 103.7 this morning on the internet all the way from North Carolina this morning, here are my thoughts.

I’m guessing most of the sane people have jobs and can’t call in. These callers are passionate but seem to have forgotten the major objective. They were concerned about uniforms styling, soft drinks brands, playing Arkansas State, no respect to the state, and on and on and on. Yes these are what customer service professionals can turn around but is not the major priority.

The major priority for the new AD and eventual new coach is to WIN. What I want is to WIN, WIN with class, and WIN within the rules. If we win all the other stuff will sort its way out.


I think that is what most of us want and if that happens then fanbase comes together and world is better place for Hawgs supporters.

I would guess that most of the idiots that call in do not buy season tickets or donate to the foundation.

You don’t need to do either (buy season tickets or donate to the almighty Foundation) to be a good Hog fan. Since when is that the test? That’s where guys like Long and maybe you have lost their perspective. Appreciate those that do donate, but also appreciate the common man. Yeah, lots of them don’t talk all that intelligently and don’t post on message boards. But they love the Hogs and want them to win. They have a lot of state pride. Razorback pride. We’ve gotta get back to appreciating those folks, too, in some way. Lowering some ticket prices would be a good starting point.

Actually, that has already happened. In case you hadn’t noticed, while some of us had significant ticket price increases, others had reductions.