I officially hate Alabama

It’s almost not fair. Plethora of riches.

We didn’t even have 1 QB.

I hope they get beat in playoffs

I dont think it matters who is qb at alabama, they win with whomever.

Talk to any long-time SEC fan. Alabama has been ruling this league since Bear Bryant set foot in town. They win, and they win, and they win. You have to give them credit. They just do it, but it really gets old.

Poor Georgia…if Tua pops a shoelace before his pass to win the National Championship…Georgia wins the National Championship last year and maybe the SEC and another National Championship this year…but as fate would have it.

I like Alabama. They have a top notch coach. They have top notch talent. They represent the SEC! Living in Big 10 country now, all I hear about is how overrated the SEC is. BS if you ask me. I really liked playing Alabama when Mike Shula was their coach, but that’s not in the cards these days. I love my Hogs for Life, but you cannot dismiss the greatness Saban has (re)built in Tuscaloosa.

I don’t mind Alabama winning. What I mind is seeing the talent that they and Georgia have (and others) compared to us. The difference is unbelievable. We truly have a long way to go. It was also interesting to see so many former Razorback coaches on the sidelines for AL and GA. Oh well…

What I officially hate is seeing all the rub routes Bama and Georgia
run without getting a penalty. If Arkansas does that its a flag!

What I officially hate is seeing Bama hitting the QB in the face with
hands without getting a penalty. Arkansas gets a flag for that!

What I officially hate is watching the DBs for Bama have hands all
over the WRs with no calls. If Arkansas breaths on them its a flag!

I guess what I officially hate is when I see how lopsided the SEC
is in how they officiate different teams.

I guess they got to protect the money earners, the rest be damned.

Longtime, I used to feel the same way, but you really have to admire what they do year after year - and partly because of Alabama and the media paying billions for broadcast rights, Arkansas gets a lot of money to help run the school.

Like Votan, the one thing that I despise is the obvious preferential treatment by officials. They get the benefit of any questionable call

Word!!! What Votan says is absolute TRUTH!

Let’s not forget the offensive holding.

Sounds like same stuff said about Texas (SWC officials ??), Irish, Southern Cal, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State and others in the 1960’s. Difference is there is only one dominant team today (Alabama) and a handful of ones trying to make the club with Ga. and Clemson the most successful so far.

Also explains why Gus would allow his name to be used for Ark job last fall but why a year later his big contract is line in the sand to beat Bama next year or move on. Auburn got rid of Tubberville who had winning record over Bama but lost on pr and style points with boosters–chasing success is hard. Bama’s winning success year after year is the Death Star for today’s college fanbases and boosters–love them or hate them. Still it takes a good coach to make it happen. I admire Saban’s process and Bama had better too because the odds are the next coach after he leaves will not be successful and more like Schula or Debose.

Officially, I don’t hate anybody. I like to watch good football. Was definitely rooting for Georgia UNTILL Saban put Hurts in.
Couldn’t help smiling when Jalen pulled it off :sunglasses:

Hurts could have bailed out, mailed it in, been a locker room lawyer, whatever. But he evidently stayed focused, and they needed him last night in a big way.

I wonder when Bama will be called for a PI or holding

I respect them but I’m so tired of Bama

College Football is boring with Bama winning all the time

I so wanted UGA to beat them

Infact I will be cheering on every team that plays Bama

Not because I hate them

I’m tired of them


Hurts could have bailed out, mailed it in, been a locker room lawyer, whatever. But he evidently stayed focused, and they needed him last night in a big way.

[/quote]Yes, that’s been my concern with going after KB. I don’t blame us; we need a great quarterback, and he did what he felt was best. But after seeing Hurts do what he did, it sure says a lot about his character in this me-first generation. That said, I’ll still hope KB calls the Hogs on Tuesday (though I don’t expect it).


Read something this morning that they still expect Hurts to transfer after this season. But he was there when they needed him.

Tua clearly outplayed Hurts, so that choice was fairly easy. I think KB didn’t think he had been outplayed by Lawrence (which is a defensible view on his part) and he still lost the job. So the dynamic is not quite the same.

I would think Hurts would now transfer…no I don’t think he will be coming to Fayetteville…Kyler M plays his last game for the Sooners vs.the Tide…hmm?