I noticed during hand shakes

After the game Muss gave a concerning look back and nearly stopped after shaking hands with a asst coach from MS, same thing happened with one of our assistants when shaking hand with the same guy.
Both gave a ‘what did you say’ look back at the guy. Sure would like to know what was said to draw the reaction from 2 of our coaches.

May be he said to coach Muss…Coach Muss you are one hell’ve good coach, I wish we had you at old Miss… and the ass.coach he might have said …You lucky bugger, I wish that I was you?..… Maybe that was what he said??

Miss didn’t seem to happy about several things that transpired at Oxford

They had hotel problems with four players having to change rooms due to leaks, and he mentioned something about not being given a favorable shoot around time?
Said they had to go back to the ballroom and improvise.

Maybe we were not extended that legendary Ole Miss Southern Hospitality?

Ole Miss is that way. A smallish type town with nothing really to do, so I am sure attitudes from the coaches there would be better if there was more of a social atmosphere to participate in occasionally.

Spent one summer there in high school in special studies and it was a dull experience. Had to drive to some surrounding lake areas to have “fun”… Maybe it’s better now, but just maybe an assistant wishes he wasn’t there? I have a friend close to the situation and will ask what the skut was about… Stand by, if I hear anything. :slight_smile:

I saw that too. Would like to know what was said. Hopefully someone will ask that in Monday press briefing and Musselman will let us know.

I think he will at least give us a hint at the press conference tomorrow.

They don’t come to Fayetteville this year, so I doubt it was talking any smack about a re-match.

There’s wasn’t anything controversial about the game that I recall.

Well, I heard what was said. Coach M might divulge this tomorrow at the press conference. I can not say what happened or what was said, out of respect to the situation. :frowning:

Why even say that or bring it up then haha funny…took the time to type this but say “I know what happened but I can’t tell u” don’t get it

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It was not a “funny face” if look closer, sir. It was a frown because I did hear something and initially had said I would let the posters know. Can not, so the frown face Mr. sachawg…… end of conversation on this matter per se… Go Hogs

Who cares what face you put on it, I never get why people say just as you did, “ I know what happened but can’t say”. If that’s the case then don’t say anything cause at this point I’m not even sure you know anything

It’s just fun to stir trouble and badmouth Ole Piss :rofl:

That is bull! Dont even bring it up if you are not going to divulge what as said.

:slight_smile: Lo siento, senior’… Tarde, esta bien?

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