I no longer believe their will be a scholarship crunch for 2018

I would be shocked if CJ Jones didn’t transfer at season’s end. Why stay and get no PT.

I wouldn’t rule out Hazen & Bailey (especially Bailey)

very, very premature

Good grief. Did you watch him when he was in, today? The kid is going to be good. But, he’s coming off an injury.

And, when he got a chance (early in the game) he played poorly.

I love his upside, but it’s hilarious to me that you’re talking about a kid who was committed to Chattanooga and has had an injury (and a ways to go on defense) transferring because he isn’t playing enough 4 games into the season.

Get a grip.

Agree with this. CJ’s first play on defense his man blew right past him and it led to the Gophers getting an easy basket. His first play on offense, he set an illegal screen and was called for an offensive foul. The kid has talent, but, it’s going to take some time for him to adjust to the D1 level. Right now he can shoot, but that’s about it. I think everyone got blew away by his Spain performance, this isn’t the same thing, this is against a Big 10 team on their home court. CJ will be fine, he’s just gotta stay patient and keep getting better each and every practice and his time will come.

People are passionate about the Hogs which is good. I never want to get on this board(but always do) right after a loss. People post things right after a loss that they wouldn’t if they would wait a few days to regain their composure and think things through more clearly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Two senior guards leaving that average well over 40 minutes per game combined. Next year with proper development he will be a combination of the two. Either a Manny that can score or more likely a Dusty that can defend.

I hope you did not stay up all night to dream up that prediction. One game loss on the road against a good team on their home court and some have developed new skills as a soothsayer…Give this team chance to grow together there is still plenty of basketball to play…