I never put sam in the category

Based on what? We are ranked about how we are always ranked regardless of the HC.

He hasn’t recruited a top qb in 3 years and got them to stay. Expect Hornsby gone at end of year.

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This staff is in its 3rd year, and we are still playing TONS of Chad Morris recruits. Even chad’s walkons are about 1/2 our secondary!!! Most of our OL and our qb.

Ugh, we suck.
Have sucked and continue to suck.

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Malik is a top qb?

We have produced two NFL QBs in the last 100 years. Lamar McCann and Joe Ferguson. We aren’t exactly known as QB U. I’m not sure that the state of Arkansas has ever produced one. I think Ferguson was from Louisiana. dont know about McCann.

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Joe Ferguson played at Shreveport Woodlawn High, same school as Terry Bradshaw.

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Guess what im saying is that even the coaching strengths i was looking for from CSP are disappointing at the moment…the qualities i hoped would offset lack of high level game planning, play calling, etc; im not seeing them so much. Whatever ones view of his recruiting success so far…looks to me to still be perhaps his strongest suite.

McCann was from Lake Village (Ark.).

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I believe that brandon allen and ryan mallett qualify for your list. There are probably more but those are just 2 recent ones that came to mind quickly.

Isn’t spelled McHan?

Sam really wanted the job and got it because Hunter had been turned down by Kiffin, Campbell, and Leach. He was prepared to possibly offer the job to Drinkwitz, but Missouri made him an offer above what Hunter was willing to make.

At the time he was hired, I was shocked and disappointed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, but I still worry about what the program’s ceiling is with Sam as the coach.


Clint Stoerner and Scott Bull played in NFL but not like Ferguson and McHan. Scott is from Jonesboro.

Matt Jones played in NFL but not at QB. Tarvaris Jackson, Matt’s teammate, also played in the NFL.

Both Allen’s and Mallett also played. Brandon still does, played last week

Ronnie South (UA/Russellville) played briefly with the Saints.

Hornsby would be considered a top HS QB. QBs are hit and miss once they get on campus.

Singleton is a top 15 QB.

It’s a mixture. Makes sense to have juniors and seniors dominate the two-deep.

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Lamar McHan

I was referring to QBs that actually started over a period of years for a team. Sure Mallett and Allen and the others mentioned played a small amount for different teams, but none ever permanently established themselves as everyday players

Sam is in year three. It takes longer than that to rebuild a football program. Imagine going into a recruits home after Chad Morris. Or other Coaches telling recruits Sam has no Head coaching experience. The class he has coming in looks good. Most services seem to think so. But Sam needs a good year next year to keep the momentum going. Next season could make or break him.

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