I never give up

I’ll still be watching and cheering for my Hawgs in the tournament Thursday evening!


You are a good man. Admirable. I, however, have given up. We just ain’t got it. I’ve been saying this.

Naw, you are just (understandably) terribly disappointed at this point. I’ll be really surprised if I don’t see your positive responses to our win over Auburn on this very board.

I’m with you. I will quit watching when they play their last game. Always have.


I have some decisions to make. I will be a fan until the day I die. I have tried to tell myself, truthfully, that it is “just sports” and not to let it get to me. I have come to the realization that I will never be able to pull that off.

That said, I can decide to save my money. This year I have spent several thousand dollars to be upset and depressed. Due to a lot of things, I only got to go to 2 basketball games. My tickets generally got used, but not by me. The last five sporting events I have been to in Fayetteville are the Liberty and LSU football games, the MSU and UK basketball games and the baseball game last Sunday against who ever it was. 0-5.

I am tired of paying big bucks (for me big bucks for others I know it is pocket change) to be upset and depressed.

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Obviously you (and several others who have yet to be determined) are just bad luck for our Hogs. For statisticians the 0-5 should be fairly convincing odds-wise. However, I must warn you, that once you and the several others stop attending the games, the reasons for the Hogs losses will then be gone, they will win all of their games, and then you will be upset and depressed that you were not there in person to see it. There is no way out of this dilemma, Mr. Greg, so just enjoy the sordid state that life has put you in. (If you feel that you need further counseling, my commiserating and further service is available, though probably best after a few rounds of elixir, at your expense of course.)


I wouldn’t

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Trying psychology, Mr. Baked. Let it run it’s course. Nothing else has seemed to work to this point.

Still going to the tournament but not expecting much. Hope they can get past Auburn.

I used to be good luck. The first two Texass games I saw were 1971 in Little Rock and 1981 in Fayetteville. Almost ever other game I attended in that time period was a win (we only went to Little Rock games in that time period, and we won the vast majority of them).

But, the other side of that is the St. Louis Cardinals. I started going to Cardinal games as a child (late 1960’s). I didn’t go to games every year, but probably attended 30 to 40 games from then until last year. Last year I finally attended a game that they won. FINALLY!

I have several friends who say they will pay me not to go to Hog games or Cardinal games.

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Yep, I knew that it could not have been the effort and execution of the players that was/is the problem. Thanks for confirming the obvious that other posters seem unable to grasp.

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I’ve had my doubts with this team, but I’ll be set to watch the game come Thursday. WPS

If you had given up you wouldn’t be on here talking about it.

I guess I look at it differently. I support unconditionally. Treat it like I treat my children. Support. Maybe questions some decisions here and there but ultimately support win or lose. I’m not fairweather. Not in me.


They are awful hard to watch but I’m too
Old and stupid to turn our hogs off. I will watch to the bitter end just like I always have. But it’s a fact this team has talent but they sure don’t play good disciplined basketball. At the end of a game they fail to get the ball to a 3 point shooter when even Muss has said Council isn’t a 3 point shooter and guess what he didn’t look at Devo who was open or Nick Smith who was failing and there was plenty of time. In a 3 point game you do t loose your mind and get not 1 but 2 T’s and cost your team Devo Davis has blown up this season a few times. AB at Vandy keep crying and getting reviews. The trash talk fired up Vandy and the hogs got beat. They have committed stupid turnovers all season and missed free throws that have cost them some games. Like most folks I thought when Nick Smith got on the floor the hugs would be better well they haven’t won much for sure so is there a locker room issue.

Me too. Great point.

I’m not a fair weather fan. As I said, I will be a fan until the day I die. It kills me when we lose. It thrills me when we win.

That said, as far as paying money, to me that is a separate issue. I don’t know how many on here give money. I don’t know how many on here are season ticket holders. I would GUESS that most on here don’t give money or buy season tickets to any of the sports. I don’t think you have to be either in order to be a fan.

Most graduates of UofA are not ticket holders. Most people who consider themselves “fans” of the Razorbacks are not ticket holders.

I have already renewed by donation for next year. I have already renewed my football tickets for next year. Since I have done that, I am sure I will renew my basketball tickets for next year. However, I am going to have to make a decision next time.

You do you. I’ll do me. Hogs are cooked this year. I have given up. Just because I hang around here doesn’t mean I haven’t given up. White flag firmly in hand, waiving.

Winning or losing won’t be a reason I stop my donation or ticket renewals is my point. I just upped my donation for next year. And my future retirement plans take into account traveling to watch the hogs on the road. So it’s only going to get more expensive for me. Just preference I guess. I enjoy the experience win or lose. Some don’t. Maybe get in the sec club for football and you’ll feel different. :slight_smile: