I never do this but

I’m so fired up about the game tomorrow I’m going to get the ball rolling:

UT 68
UA 77


I never do it myself…

No way we score 77. No way. I’d say more like 63-62 toss up.

71 - 66 Hogs

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I’ve watched just enough Tennessee basketball to know they seem to play really good at home and king of ho hum on the road.
The Hogs need to control the tempo and avoid TO’s! I would like to see the stating 5 each score in the first half. If
J Williams and Wade have another double double it would really be cool.
Notae and Umude both score over 18 points a piece. Toney get into double figures and grab a few rebounds.
Devo make some 3’s and play solid defense. The entire team needs to make free throws and finish at the rim.
I think the hogs will score at least 65 and they need to force Tennessee to make contested shots don’t foul!
Hogs win at the Bud.


Not close. Hogs 81 Tennessee 65

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Close call.

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