I Must Be Losing IT!!!!!

I was sitting here between projects and just checked flights from DEN to ATL for the weekend of 12/3!!! What am I doing? Crazy, but fun this time of year.

What kind of brownies have you been eating?

The medicinal kind. :wink:

You got to be careful about that out here. Some brownies cause you to do things like check flights to Atlanta in early Dec. By the way, United has a great flight that fits the schedule nice with a very low fair. Did not have enough brownies or anything else to purchase.

Those brownies may have some marry Wanna in them. That’s what we call them here in Colorado Springs. If you smoke that stuff you may wake up married and not even know it.

I don’t think Jim would bother with that stuff. I think him well enough to say that. I think he might lose it a little when it’s elk hunting season, but that’s a different deal. Just gets high on hunting.

Leaving for the High Country next week! Heard my first bugle the other day. Nights getting very cool and some snow up high. Must be September!!

Barely. Sept. 1. I know it’s football season. I’m running short of time each day to get all done that needs attention.

I’ve had one extra item on my plate this week, taking care of my bride. She broke her foot in a tumble Monday night. She will kill me for mentioning it. She’s in a boot for six weeks. The dogs look at her funny. Our labs are crazy about Jean Ann and follow her in tight formation. They are staying a foot or two further back.

Clay, get her one of those Ryan Mallett knee walkers to get around on. My mom broke her foot 6 weeks ago and tried to get around on crutches. I rented her a knee walker and she hasn’t slowed down a bit with it.