I missed it

Yesterday during the game, I caught a glimpse of the announcers talking about a connection between Kennedy Chandler and Todd Day and Lee Mayberry. I was busy at work during the time. Could someone tell me what the connection is?

Chandler’s dad was a high school teammate of Day’s in Memphis. And Mayberry was in there somehow through marriage, maybe his sister.

Quite the connection. I know Muss recruited him. I wonder how close we came to getting him? Maybe RD can answer that question. I know he loves Chandler’s game.

Just caught the part about Chandler being Mayberry’s cousin. Definitely raised my eyebrow. But I guess it’s thru marriage not blood like Swine said.

I still would like to know the story of his recruitment. I hope RD or DD enlightens us. Seems like a lot of Razorback connections there, and the Memphis pipeline was awfully good to us back in the day.

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