I miss Sam Pittman's Offensive Line

Austin may be as good as Brandon but I’m afraid he may not finish the season.

U in luck. Can watch it live now on espn. In prime time

Surprised he bailed on bielema? Who’s the dummy?

Pitttman was the man!

it is impressive

If I remember correctly the insiders thought it was good that he left. Kinda like it was good when every other coach has left / been fired. I know optimism about the program helps keep the subscriber base up. However, I get tired of hearing a bunch of crap about how we are better off w/out a Pittman (or insert other name here). We always hear a bunch of justifications for sucking. It really hurts the board leaders credibility.

There was a reason Bielema got the team to beg him to stay.

Boy do we see why now.

Kurt has to be fired this week, it’s unacceptable. Bret is cruising towards his week as well, he better get a hold on the thing he hangs his hat on.

If CBB wants to save his job Kurt Anderson has to be fired immediately. He’s a joke. And CBB needs to bring in someone similar to Pittman. This OL hasn’t looked the same after he was let go. I’m not saying the OL is the only problem but I’m telling you if we fix that everything else looks 10 times better.

I don’t remember ever saying that. If you have something specific that Clay, myself or Matt have posted, please feel free to thrown that out instead of a generality.

What I do remember saying is that Coach Pittman’s last two high profile recruits - Jalen Merrick and Brian Wallace - appear to have been misses.

They could have been Coach Pittman’s mis-evalution of them (which would mean Saban, the Gus Bus, Richt and others did the same) or the current staff has not developed them.

I can’t place full blame on Anderson just yet in his second year, but I do think criticism is warranted for both Coach B and him because that’s supposedly their forte.

Coach Pittman - a great guy by the way - left for three reasons in my opinion.

  1. He was upset with Enos’ East-West diversification of the offense instead of going North and South as the base. He spoke of that many times in the media room and we reported it.

  2. He saw what was coming on the offensive line with Kirkland heading out, Skipper leaving soon, etc.

  3. He and Jim Chaney are like brothers. It’s why they have been on the same staff at their last three schools - Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia.

There is no justification for sucking. None.


http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2015 … t-be-easy/

While Austin Allen is getting hit way too much, the main thought I have about yesterday’s game is that we scored 43 points and that should be enough to win. If you score 43 points without a pick six or return, it must mean the offensive line was blocking somebody. I thought Dan Enos had a good game of play-calling but if you don’t block it doesn’t matter what play you call, it’s not going to work.

Sam Pittman - in no way was that a good thing

Charlie Partridge - left to take a head coaching job. Hard to fault him for that, but Arkansas has not had a coach of his caliber on the DL since then in my opinion

Rob Thomas - left for the NFL. I think he was a great RBs coach. Big loss in my opinion

Jim Chaney - it was time

Chris Ash - he bailed to take the Co-DC spot at Ohio State, is now head coach at Rutgers. He was here such a short time that I am not sure if he was great, good or just okay

Randy Shannon - took the job here, but I am not sure he wasn’t just here to get back to a Florida school. I think he was a good recruiter, got a few, missed a few. I can’t say Arkansas had had anybody better since he left, but I also don’t think LB play has been great under any of them.

Taver Johnson - left or was invited to take another job. Seem like a good guy, but I don’t think it was a huge loss.

Robb Smith - it was time

George McDonald - took the WRs job here, left after two weeks to take a job at Syracuse. His replacement Michael Smith has done just fine with his WRs and recruiting

Where’s he going to get a Sam Pittman at the end of the season much less next week as you propose? Sheesh

Well I think we got to the bottom of this. You don’t remember correctly. Thanks insiders for setting the record straight on this. I do remember many were happy to see Chaney go not knowing the implication with Pittman and sick to learn of his leaving.

When you score 43 you should win the game

When you score 43 you should win the game

One other thing that I disagree with you about is us being positive to keep the subscriber base up.

There are more posters and more posts when people are frustrated versus when they are happy.

It’s the way society is these days.

What we try to be is fair and even-handed.

If they are bad, we say they are bad. If they do something good, we say it was good.

The one thing we don’t so is try to use things for click bait purposes.

One thing I am TOTALLY sick of is that everytime we lose, and posters are mad, there is criticism of the creators and Mods of this board.

That is utterly ridiculous. Clay Henry mostly, along with Dudley, Matt and others created Hawgs Illustrated and this board for us all to …um…enjoy? Or maybe its just another vehicle to perpetuate the misery that some posters seem to be in all the time.

For those who love to say “I seem to remember the mod said this, or a writer said that”…so what? They are writers of opinion. We ask them to prognosticate everything from team record to what players will be good and which will not. When they are inevitably wrong about something…what good does it do to criticize? None. They are human. And we ASK them to do what they do.

Dudley, Matt, Clay…THANK YOU for all you do. You have made being a Hog fan living 1000 miles away so much more enjoyable than I ever imagined it could be once I moved away.

…and…to put in my 2 cents regarding the topic…I agree. Our o-line hasn’t been the same since Pittman left. Pretty obvious he’s a very good coach. Jury on Anderson is still out. But there’s not alot of positive evidence at this point.

Do you honestly think Sam Pittman is the only good OL coach out there?! I just don’t think Anderson is the answer. And I said nothing about getting rid of Anderson next week. But something needs to happen differently soon.