I might have to go check out the locals

UNC-Wilmington just won a weekend series at TCU. They’re #71 RPI and tied for second in the CAA. TCU has fallen way off from steamrolling us in Arlington, but still. The Seahawks play UNC and Wake Forest later in the season; the Wake game will be here in Wilmington. Already beat nationally ranked ECU this year and will also play the mighty Campbell Fighting Camels, also in the top 25 nationally, home and home; the game in Wilmington is Wednesday night.

Could be a sleeper in the tournament.

Yeah you might not want to see them coming to your ballpark as a 3 seed.

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That would be a great game to go see because Campbell can flat out stroke it and have been good for several years

I just checked. A few tickets available in the reserved areas Wednesday; plenty of general admission there. I could walk up to the park and get in no problem.

Oh if the weather’s good I would definitely check that game out

Forecast for Wednesday is sunny with a high around 80. Game time is 6 pm local.

Tickets purchased and printed. $15 for two reserved seats, and that’s with the convenience fee added on. Now my girlfriend is making sure she has a bag that they will allow into the ballpark. :crazy_face:

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Another Stoney Brook perhaps.

Yeah that is absolutely perfect weather!! Get you some Cracker jacks and enjoy the game LOL that’s exactly what I would do Lord knows I’m not going to pay $25 for hamburger Coke and fries


Their field seats about 3500, not too bad. On two occasions it was used as a minor league ballpark for short-lived teams in Wilmington in the last 30 years, in the Mariners and Dodgers systems. Only 380 to center though; there may be a few bombs hit.

Love that team.

Wow, 380! HR derby.

Field setup is kinda weird. Home plate is in the northeast corner of the ballpark (Baum is in the northwest, Bogle is in the southwest, for example). I’m not sure if there’s a prevailing wind here or not, but the forecast for Wednesday calls for winds from the west southwest, which would push balls toward the left field pole. So maybe the wind keeps it from being HRD. They’ve hit 49 homers in 34 games.

Wilmington is basically on the coast, of course; the ballpark is 5 miles by car from the beach, probably 4 miles as the seagull flies. But a sea breeze would be coming off the water, from the east or southeast. (Yes, sea breezes can go that far inland, a lot further than that under some conditions).

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They’ve also got some pitchers who throw that big, hump back breaking ball. I understand that some even throw a two humper.

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Yeah you can never trust the humpers. No telling what you might see out of them.

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